Tuesday, December 09, 2008

This Christmas...

You never know who you'll become friends with as you get into the holiday spirit.

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I'm sorry. This kind of stuff just never gets old, no matter how many Christmases I've done it.


  1. too funny. i just spent a good bit of time putting one of these together and then couldn't get it to save...i gave up, but it was oh so funny. Love the disco but went with the country for me and the boys. maybe i'll try again...I agree, it never gets old...i've watched them over and over again and they still make me laugh!

  2. I have no words.

    It's still funny, even after I watch it several times. :)

  3. Oh I laughed so hard it hurt. And kept laughing each time I watched it. Elf Yourself NEVER gets old, but adding the Cruises to the mix...well that just made my day!


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