Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Whole Lot Of Frogs

I have a friend. This friend was done seriously wrong by a boy. No, not a man. A BOY. Because a man would have never acted the way he did. Now y'all, she can't write the bitter post about him that would be so wonderfully therapeutic because he knows about her blog and would read it. And we've agreed that she should take the high road even though we also agree that it would be really fun to go all Carrie-Underwood-Before-He-Cheated on his sorry butt. So I thought I would vent on her behalf.

He doesn't know about my blog. Sorry, sucker.

I won't go into all the gory details of what this boy did. That's not my info to share. But he did ALL the wrong things that have you singing along with Britney at the top of your lungs (...boy, don't try to front, I know just what you are...womanizer...). And really, that's only the start of the "he done me wrong" songs that are so fabulous to belt out in the privacy of your car or home. Kelly Clarkson helped us all out in that department.

What's the worst a boy can do to hurt a woman? Lie to her, cheat on her, promise her things he never intends to give, convince her to compromise her standards. Sure, these all fall into that category. But there's something worse.

See, I've had all those things done to me. From an eighth grade boyfriend to (what appeared to be) a full grown man, I've ended up falling for my share of frogs. No matter what manner of low-down dirty behavior they pulled (and believe me, my girlfriends and roommates would attest that I've seen it ALL), the worst thing they did was make me question my value, my true worth. They made me wonder if should just settle for something that I knew was less than what I deserved. They made me question if I was really worth being loved.

So when I see a boy do this to a friend, a fellow female...well, I get pretty dang mad. I was lucky enough to have some pretty amazing girlfriends who made me break-up kit after break-up kit after break-up kit. And then they drew the line. No more break-up kits. But they listened, they prayed, they plotted revenge and they encouraged me to wait for my prince (or cowboy, as it turned out) to come.

So, to that sorry boy who hurt my friend- you better hope we don't ever meet. Because I was raised on Designing Women and I know how to go all Julia Sugarbaker on your sorry tail.

And to my sweet friend, hang in there. You are worth it. You are worthy of love. Your prince or cowboy or whoever God has for you will come and it will be better than you've ever dreamed...


  1. Love the Julia Sugarbaker reference there. LOL!!

  2. good word :-) seriously, anything that makes us questions our worth is just terrible - I know it must make the Lord cringe!

  3. I love your blog! I am also a Carolina girl.

  4. Frogs make us appreciate when the prince comes, right? At least that's what I'm hoping as I am still waiting for the prince. :) I think at the root of what we women feel after another frog exits our lives is the deep down fear that we will end up old and alone. I am dealing with that fear lately, and I just prayed for your sweet friend.

    Love your blog, and I've recently added you to my daily blog readings after finding you via the Boomama Christmas Tour of Homes. :) Blessings...


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