Thursday, January 08, 2009

I still miss her strawberry jam...

I bought a hat last week just like one my Grandmother used to wear. In fact, I've posted a picture of her in it before. This type of hat has come back in fashion and you've probably seen it on some celebrities or maybe around town.

I'm not one to usually try the latest trends (after thirty, I think we all owe it to ourselves to admit what works for the girls in high school/college might not work for us) but the hat has served several purposes for me. It's certainly practical up here on the mountain. The days are getting colder and colder with a high of twenty-something becoming the norm very soon.

I'll admit, it's nice to feel like I'm still "with it", that I can pull off a trend and still feel like me. I like the jaunty way it sits back on my head. It makes me feel pretty and there's certainly nothing wrong with that.

But best of all, I feel a certain kinship with Grandmother when I wear it. Strange how a woolen cap can conjure up memories of a hardworking no-nonsense woman who loved us in her cooking, gardening, quilting, and decorating. Who shared her faith in pages covered by her beautiful handwriting. Who softened as she aged. Who was willing to admit her mistakes and ask for forgiveness.

All that from a simple grey woolen beret.


  1. Wow! Your grandmother sounds like an amazing person. I think it is wonderful that you found a link with her through something as simple as a hat.

  2. I had a wonderful grandmother like yours, and I miss her all the time!
    I totally know what you mean by the "certain kinship" as you wear that hat.
    I have that when I wear something my Momma would have loved! Unfortunately, she is gone from this world, too.
    Love your blog....glad I stumbled upon it somehow. :)

  3. Anonymous4:01 PM

    Your Grandmother sounds like an amazing woman. I had a Great Aunt like that and I miss her terribly.

  4. She really does sound like she was a wonderful woman!

    My sweet Grama's birthday is in a few days and I miss her so badly that I can hardly stand it sometimes. She loved the Lord in such a sweet way, too. I have some of her jewelry and I feel the way you do when you wear your sweet Grandmother's hat.



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