Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Celebrating Debo

It's her birthday today. The one and only. Debo. I could wax poetic but really, isn't a top ten list so much more fun?

The Top Ten Reasons I'm Glad Debbie Is My Friend

10.) I loved Macaroni & Cheese before I met Debbie. But afterwards, she instilled an appreciation for the generic Mac 'N Cheese. Tasty and it fits my budget.

9.) Thanks to her the Coke Company will never go out of business. Her love of Diet Coke could sustain it even under the worst of economic conditions. And I am grateful because it my Caffeine-Free Diet Coke was taken away from me, I might seriously lose it.
8.) You need someone to watch Beverly Hills 90210 reruns with? She's your girl. And she even provides hilarious commentary as you watch.
7.) Her fashion sense is impeccable and fabulous and I was privy to borrowing from her closet for eleven all too short months.
6.) She's an avid reader and is always ready with a book recommendation. More often than not, she'll just loan you her copy. I'm anxious to see what her critique of this particular book-made-into-movie will be...
5.) Her eternal and undying love for the "Wa-Ha"!
4.) Her wedding gave me one of the most stunning dresses I've ever owned. See, that's #7 coming into play again...
3.) She made me Lulu when she gave birth to her twins, Alex and Sasha in 2005. And the way she has mothered them is an example I want to follow someday...
2.) She gave birth to her second set of twins, Blake and Casey, last month. And she has handled it with a better sense of humor than anyone I've ever known.

1.) She is one of the most loyal and faithful friends I have ever had. Her encouragement and ability to see things in a realistically hopeful way has helped me weather so many rough circumstances. Everyone needs a friend like Debo...

Happy Birthday Debbie!


  1. Love the post. Two sets of twins? WOAH!

  2. Anonymous11:55 AM

    It's wonderful to have such good friends and I love that red gown.

    happy New Year!!!

  3. You're awesome!!!! I probably should be embarrassed for being outed as a 90210-fake-cheese-WaHa loving twin mom. But I'm not. :)


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