Friday, January 23, 2009

I'm also getting really good at Solitaire, Vegas style.

I have nothing to write about. I'm just going to put that out there for you. I know it's not witty or terribly interesting. But it is true.

I finally received word that I am in the substitute system. Praise the lord, because honestly? I'm pretty sure I could have gotten a job with the CIA and achieved Top Secret security clearance in the time it took for the school system here to clear me. So, here's hoping that next week finds me back in the classroom. Although, let me be honest again and just say that I am terribly afraid that I won't remember how to be a teacher. I have nightmares of standing in front of classroom that is utterly chaotic and no one will listen to me. Awesome.

Oh, this is fun news. Earlier this week Life in Forsyth (a wonderful blog that highlights a variety of things in Winston-Salem, my hometown- thanks, Esbee!) featured the blog post I wrote about my elementary school. A columnist from the Winston-Salem Journal read it and asked if they could use an excerpt from the post in tomorrow's paper. Just goes to show (hear me, middle/high school kids!) that whatever you put out there on the internet gets seen by everyone. For good or for bad. I'm calling this experience really good.

If you still have not discovered the wonder, adventure, hilarity and good cookin' of Pioneer Woman, leave this blog immediately and spend the next few hours becoming obsessed with her site. Make sure you listen to the part where Ethel Merman channels Britney Spears. Her step by step pictorial recipes have transformed my culinary abilities. Tonight, I made her "Not Your Granny's Mac & Cheese" for dinner. I added some sauteed and seasoned chicken. It was heavenly. Now, y'all know how I love me some mac & cheese. So this meal made me happy on so many levels. It was easy to make, easy to clean-up, I only had to use two dishes to prepare it and my stomach is gleefully joyous after that creamy, spicy goodness.

Now, explain to me why any time I start a post with the phrase "I have nothing to write about" I end up rambling on for several paragraphs? Hmmm....


  1. I have had that very same nightmare!!!!!

    Don't worry, though, it all comes back to you.

    I didn't think you rambled at all! I can completely relate to fears about substitute teaching. I have to go through all that process soon too. I'm dreading it.

  2. Wow. You're almost Famous, showing up in the hometown paper! I always knew you would be one way or another. ;)

  3. allie5:35 PM

    haha! you never would've been cleared for top secret! just sayin.


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