Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Let's take a stroll down the Red Carpet...

Here's why I love the Golden Globes: It's basically a wide open view as all your favorite celebs eat dinner, mingle and swig copious amount of champagne.

I mean, who doesn't want to hang out with Amy Poehler? Although I'm hoping directly after this photo was taken, Amy turned to Drew and said, "Ok, seriously? I'm nursing a newborn and made time to get my roots done. What's your excuse?"

Did anyone else think that Drew was especially...um, dippy Sunday night? She and Jessica Lange were attached at the hips. Literally. I don't think they left each other's side all night. I get that they just did a movie together in which they portrayed mother and daughter. According to Drew, "I think viewers will find it a very unorthodox love story." Um. Yeah.

Brangelina made the red carpet rounds looking as if they'd rather be taking a nap. And really, with six kids who can blame them? They completely shunned Ryan Seacrest and it was AWESOME. I'm still waiting for Angelina to wear something besides a shiny sack to an event. But at least it wasn't black.

Kate Winslet is elegance personified. I loved that she won Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress. I plan on using her technique the next time I get flustered, "Gather..."

Sigh. Judging by this atrocious ensemble and the few articles of clothing I tried on at Banana Republic the other day, we are all supposed to resign ourselves to looking like extras from "Dynasty" for the sake of fashion. No thank you.

And then we have the Cyrus family.

Miley spent most of her time on the red carpet griping about how she received a hand-me-down Porsche for her birthday. Cry me a river, Miley, your life is so hard. I do appreciate that her dress is very age appropriate and she looks very pretty. Her mother, however, is Exhibit A for why you should never have extensive tatoos placed around your ankle. Klassy.

I appreciate the tradition of Miss Golden Globe and thought that Rumer Willis was an appropriate choice for this year. Her mom helped her pick a fabulous dress that I found very flattering. But really, when you go shopping with Demi Moore, it's bound to be a successful trip. And who else heard their own mother's voice ringing in their ears when Demi, in front of an international audience of millions, told Rumer to stand up straight? C'mon now, raise your hands...

While Eva Longoria was gorgeous, she did not gather any sympathy votes from me when she told Ryan that she was "exhausted" from sucking in all night. Uh huh, must be rough being a size zero.

Are they or aren't they? They sure put on a lovey dovey show but in Hollywood, you never know. Still, I almost wet my pants laughing when JLo told the rowdy audience, "Hello? Hello? Mama talking! Mama talking!" Makes you wonder if Marc gets a word in edgewise at home...

Marisa Tomei- LOVED IT. This might have been one of my favorite ensembles of the night. I thought it was unique but very, very chic. I don't know that anyone besides her could pull it off.

When Sting first walked on stage I honestly thought it was Robin Williams. For Trudie's sake, I'm hoping this is for a role.

Fabulous. I love her. She can do no wrong. I totally have a woman crush on her.

And really, what would an red carpet be without a little crazy? Thankfully, Renee showed up to fill that very spot.

Caption contest, y'all. Have at it...


  1. the only one missing some commentarty from you was the appalling display of pink worn by Cameron Diaz? What was she thinkging?

    Angelina - BORING!!!

    Drew - confusing. the dress wasn't bad but the birds nest on top of her head?? Why??

    Renee - I have no words for her.

    LOVED Kate Winslet - although what was with her gushing over Leo and barely nodding at her husband??

    Sandra Bullock - flawless

    Salma Hayek - if I make it to heaven, I want a body just like hers!

  2. Love the commentary! Renee is getting stranger and stranger.

  3. Love it all..thanks for taking the time to put the pictures with it...and yes, I have a woman crush on Sandra too!

  4. You're hilarious. Drew looks like she awoke in 1983. Wow! And I'm with Reen... Cameron Diaz's hair was awful!

  5. I actually really liked Drew's outfit (and hair, yes, I'm guilty!) - and how weird is this? One of my friends looks Just Like Jessica Lange!

    I thought Renee's outfit was atrociously bad. Loved it! Bring on the crazy, Renee!

  6. Wonderful recap! The outfits really are the best part of the whole event.

  7. O.K. for the caption contest: "Hey! Look at my face. You are looking at my face, aren't you?"

  8. Hi! I just came over from "We are that Family". Just wanted to say hi. Your blog is fun...I will stop by again.

  9. :-) thanks for the commentary - I didn't watch the awards but mostly just love looking at the clothes. So I definitely enjoyed your quick recap :-) Kate Winslet does look beautiful - i love her dress!

  10. Excellent commentary. Spot on...I too, loved Marisa Tomei!

  11. I am SO happy to know that someone else is as interested in the fashions the celebs wear as I am. It's such a guilty pleasure....excellent recap.

  12. i really don't like rumer's head. so, it doesn't matter what she wears...she is the ugliest of bruce and demi.... the other two are better... pooooooooooooooooooor thing.


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