Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Substitute

Admit it- when you walked into that classroom as a kid, only to turn the corner and see a sub, you did a little happy dance. A substitute teacher meant deskwork or a movie or something less intense than usual. Or maybe it meant the chance for you to goof off and see what you could pull over on that poor unsuspecting sub.

Not this sub, suckahs!

Teaching the fourth grade for five years prepared me for many roles- nursemaid, drama queen (and I got paid!), educator, mama, dictator, song leader, historian, comedian...And it prepared me to be a kick butt sub.

In the last few weeks I have taught second grade, 8th grade English, middle school Bible History, pre-K, 7th grade inclusion and served as an aide in the elementary multi-handicapped classroom.

But tomorrow? Tomorrow, the dream is realized: I'm going to be a middle school band teacher. I knew that being a band geek through middle and high school would pay off someday.

I wonder if I should take my flute with me...


  1. Anonymous10:46 PM

    Oh my gosh, I'm crying I'm laughing so hard. Definitely take the flute. . . they will be SURE to take you seriously that way. ;-)

  2. Best of luck to you!! I, too, played the flute:) I say take your ipod instead...

  3. love it! i wish i was in the band with my trombone--i would dish it up bad and send you home crying. i was so good. :)

  4. This is just to funny!

    About your last "Bachelor" post...did you hear? Supposedly the big surprise is that he proposes to Melissa but then on the ATFR he breaks up with her and gets back with Molly and this was all planned....

    I've been reading the message boards and somehow those jokers are always right!

  5. Haha! It's so great that you are enjoying subbing so much! :)

    Hey, take the flute. They'll know you're serious. They LOVE that. :)

  6. I have to say - saw a comment you made on another blog - had to visit & totally love your blog... your recap of the Grammy's is great too!!!

  7. Anonymous8:28 PM

    Oh gosh Lu. Seriously - please don't take the flute. I love you but really you can't be a band geek when you 're the cool teach. I agree - bring the I-pod.

  8. hahahaha :-) I want to hear how it went! you crack me up girl!

  9. haha!
    love this!!

    as a teacher....i totally dread leaving my kids with a sub...
    mainly cause i hate having to put my thoughts onto paper, so the sub doesn't feel like i'm leaving them to fend for them self....
    i appreciate each and every sub that walks into my school...more than i could ever express!


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