Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Waiting for Tonight

To legions of otherwise reasonable adults, it is a conflict that surpasses sports; locals against outsiders, elitists against populists,
even good against evil.
(Will Blythe)

Tonight is a hallowed night. A sacred event that I have waited for since last February. This rivalry is known far and wide.

It is Carolina versus Duke. Or Dook. Yeah, let's go with Dook.

It's on the Blue Devils' home turf. It won't be easy. The Cameron Crazies will be in full force (and apparently spreading meningitis as a new tactic) and it will be hard to block out their lowhanded and distasteful cheers. And really, you'd think students at The University of New Jersey wouldn't need cheat sheets, but apparently they can't come up with anything original on their own.

We don't hate you because you're smarter, we hate you because you think you're smarter than you are. Especially since their "Cheer Sheets" were inflitrated by a UNC fan. (Chris Domschke)

I'm ready. I'm waiting. And if I were you, I wouldn't call me between 9 pm and the end of the game unless you want to hear a lot of yelling. I'm just sayin' is all.


  1. I have two very dear friends from college that made me a DIEHARD TARHEEL basketball fan 9 years ago!!! They've already scheduled a conference call for all of us this evening to listen to the game together and cheer. I need to find the pictures from the first year!

    I hope the Heels DESTROY Dook! Ha!

  2. haha have fun :-) i feel the same way about Georgia football!

  3. GO HEELS! Hey Leslie you will be impressed by this... my dad coached football at the same high school that Raymond Felton graduated from. Raymond was always super nice, and even sent my husband an autographed basketball one year! No one here in Canada really pays attention to college basketball... but I still do!

  4. Anonymous9:38 PM

    What? Not blogging during the game? 34-33 right now. Oh, we just went up :-) Love you, Sonya

  5. Is it wrong that I started singing a Jennifer Lopez song when I read the title of this post? Is it wrong that this Duke grad came home from teaching and put on a Carolina tshirt? Is it wrong that I am happy with the outcome?

    But, seriously, are the boys going to be able to deliver in March? I want to believe so badly. But I also want to win my bracket.


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