Wednesday, April 22, 2009

And then the whole toilet seat thing never becomes an issue.

Before Jason and I got married, I had all these romantic notions of how we would learn to share everything. Living space, closets, bathrooms, household chores…it was all part of this picture of How Real Married People Should Live.

During our engagement, the topic of bathrooms came up as we discussed our future living arrangements in Jason’s current apartment.The apartment had two full baths and Jason’s philosophy, much to my idealistic bride-to-be’s dismay, was that he would use the “guest bath” and I could have full use of the one in our bedroom.

But, but, but…how would we ever really learn to live together if we didn’t share a bathroom?! Surely, this was a drastic first step for our fledgling marriage. If we didn’t share everything, we must not be doing it right!

Oh, the innocence of the newlywed.

Four moves later, I have come to appreciate my husband’s separate bathroom philosophy. No arguments over where the towels hang, no guilt in spreading my beauty products over the entire counter space, no fighting over who gets to shower first….it’s pretty genius actually.

After sharing a bathroom at The Country House (successfully, I might add, but with no significant positive effect on our marriage, who knew?), moving into The Mountain House once again gave us the opportunity to implement our tried and true practice of separate bathrooms.

Since November, I have made use of this:


What’s that you say? You want a closer look at the oh so modern wallpaper border? Happy to oblige…

DSC_0061 DSC_0062

A few weeks ago I decided that showering while flocks of sheep and 1800’s townspeople looked down on me wasn’t working anymore. A bathroom redo was in order but times being what they are, I knew a strict budget was necessary. So for less than $20, I give you my bathroom makeover…

First, that hideous wallpaper needed to come down. And if you are currently employing wallpaper border in your home (and it’s not a nursery) I’m sorry to offend but consider this the intervention your friends should have staged sometime after 1992.


Let’s take a closer look at Paint Jobs of the Past…

DSC_0067I can’t even…it’s too hideous to discuss. Next, the new paint color went on ($3.75 for a 1/2 gallon).

DSC_0069 I picked a soft blue (some might even call it a Carolina blue) to complement my current shower curtain…And voila! The finished product…


Where there had been two rusty towel rings by the sink, I covered some cork board in fabric ($4) so that I could post odds and ends.

DSC_0010 DSC_0018

Another perk of separate bathrooms? Sweet notes left on my mirror…

DSC_0020 I found a few cards with inspiring quotes, spray painted frames from The Dollar Tree and hung them by the shower ($10).

DSC_0008 DSC_0015 DSC_0016 DSC_0038

Some more inspiration (another Dollar Tree frame and a quote by Angie printed on my own printer)…what can I say? I think a lot while I’m getting ready.


And perhaps the most appropriate accessory of them all…


So there it is! My wonderfully light (and sheep free!) new bathroom for less than twenty bucks. Here’s to cheap and crafty endeavors of your own…


  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    Wow!! I can't believe you did all that for less than $20! Beautiful!

  2. 2 words...IN LOVE

  3. Anonymous8:32 PM

    Genius! I LOVE IT!

  4. At the risk of sounding overly dramatic, your bathroom redo is Ah dor a ble! I'm so impressed!

  5. What a HUGE improvement!! Nice work:)

  6. I love the update! SO cute! Great idea for framing the cards.. I'm copying you!

    Where did you get the paint from?

  7. I love your cute-ness and creativity! :-) what a great room!!

  8. oh I hit enter way too soon on that one. I also wanted to say a few more things:
    1 - Where do we get all these silly pre-marriage ideas anyways? oh and just wait til you have kids - those preconceived notions are even worse!
    2- The sweet note from your hubby made me feel happy inside :-) i love when my man does nice stuff like that . . .
    3- I adore those cute framed quotes - so pretty :-)

    Ok I think that's all. Although I'm not making any promises.

  9. Love your choice of colours and accessories.

    How many paint samples before you found the perfect shade? We have about a dozen shades of "duck egg blue" on my wall and I can't decide!

  10. great colors! it feels so fresh!

  11. I am totally impressed!!!! It looks fantastic!

    LOVE the cards framed up... what an incredible idea!

  12. Hey Leslie,
    I love your bathroom!! Very crafty, cute and cheap! Keep putting you ideas on here. I am not crafty but I am cheap so you maybe can help me with that problem. I can steal your crafty ideas. Hope you guys are doing good. Ray said Petree might be coming in to town this weekend. I hope you are coming with him!

  13. Love, love, LOVED this post!! You just inspired me to keep up my renovating projects for my bedroom.:)

  14. Anonymous7:07 PM

    Beautiful! You are a crafty one...and the colors are so fresh- Dave was impressed with how much light it has now.
    Call me...I need your new phone number!

  15. Good job! Looks perfect.
    Those sheep were a little somethin' special, though. Isn't amazing what some people consider a good idea?!

  16. Oh you did a wonderful job! I am so proud of you. Now come do mine!


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