Thursday, April 23, 2009

Summer Lovin’

Who else is ready for summer time? Perhaps I’m not physically (gotta get on that) but I certainly am mentally and emotionally. Bring on the sun, riding around with the sunroof open and music blaring…I heart summer big time.

Two of my favorite accessories for summer are some really cute (but comfy) flip flops and the classic L.L. Bean canvas tote bag. I have quite the collection of both but when there’s a giveaway for another set, who can resist?

flip flop boat tote

Sweet Tea Diaries (I think we’re kindred spirits as far as blog titles go) is hosting this giveaway and I found it just before it ends tomorrow at 8 PM Eastern Standard Time. Hurry on over and enter for your own chance to win.

Sweet Tea Diaries

Honestly, ladies, you can never have too many flip flops OR bags. Trust me on that.


  1. I'm totally a flip flop NUT...

    & I am totally going to order me a LL Bean bag today!!! I've never had one, but one of the dogs we adopted.. his previous owner had a LL Bean bag with his name on it.. & I always loved it..

    You just reminded me how much I love it - can use it to tote all my books.. headed there right now!

  2. I entered that giveaway already :-) not that I ever win anything but whatever. haha. And I still havent mailed you your book but i promise i will do it sometime soon. i am so unorganized and scatterbrained sometimes. sheesh.


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