Monday, April 06, 2009

Gloomy, Bedazzles and Boys in Blue

After three gorgeous days of sun and breeze, Mother Nature (I’m leaving God out of this one) has decided to let her bipolar nature rip through leaving us with rain, grey and all sorts of gloom here on our mountain.

It’s depressing on so many levels and is only making my current mental of state of “Oh dear lord, I am a failure in every way!” that much stronger. Fun, no?

So, on to brighter things.

First, hallelujah and praise be that Carrie Underwood managed to break Kenny “All I Have to Wear is this Ratty Sleeveless Tee as I Continue to Pretend I’m a Carefree Twenty-One Year Old Pirate” Chesney’s CMA Entertainer of the Year winning streak! Although I’m still not sure how I feel about this dress…


Your thoughts? Also, can we agree that apparently Miley forgot to wear pants?

miley pantless

And still, year after year, Sugarland can do no wrong in my book…

sugarland cma 2009

Also, I’d like to reintroduce the poll to this here blog (see top right corner). Please make your voice heard as to the mystifying and dumbfounding SEVEN YEAR winning streak of Rascal “We Keep The Bedazzling Company In Business” Flatts as the CMA Vocal Group of the Year.

rf cma 2009

Shiny suit with obligatory Guido chains? Check.

Shiny jacket for the cluless one? Check

Yet another oversized shirt for the one who can’t carry a tune? Check.

Flatiron shared by all three? Triple check.

Sorry. Clearly the gloom magnifies my disgust with all things RF. Moving on…


So, did you hear that my boys in blue are playing in the big game tonight? You know, it’s that little game called the 2009 NCAA BASKETBALL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME!!!


Oh yeah, oh yeah! I actually got to watch the Final Four game in NC with some of the biggest UNC fans I know. Cue that beautiful family footage…


Yes, that is my incredibly gorgeous and talented sister. You know you’re jealous.

DSC_0125Of course, we all sported our Carolina gear. That’s my Uncle Todd to the left (Class of 1980?) and his son Phillip to the right (Class of 2011).


Can’t forget Aunt Betsy! She’s an alumnus too. Actually, it’s kind of sickening how many UNC alumni we have in our family. It tends to breed jealousy when we take group pictures at family gatherings…

While it was ridiculously tempting to stay in NC for another day, drive myself and Knox to Chapel Hill, watch the game there and join the masses (hopefully!) at Franklin Street, I decided to come on back to TN to watch the game with Jason. I won’t lie, it would have been so great to recreate 2005 and watch the game at Top of The Hill but it just wouldn’t be the same without him there.

Speaking of the hubs, he just told me it’s snowing. Ugh. Sigh. Oh well. I’m going to go focus all the positive energy I can towards Roy’s Boys up in Michigan. GO HEELS!

Wknd trip & UNC Final Four 2009 



    I, (gasp!), can't believe you don't like my Rascal Flatts! Before I came to your blog, I was contemplating buying tickets to their Tour in June in Dallas.....

    And I'm sooooooooooo over Carrie Underwood. Love her songs - DON'T love her! The dress just solidified that for me!

  2. I almost forgot...I LOVE Sugarland....LOVE them. And I wanted to see some Lady Antebellum! Love them equally.

    However, no one compares to my main man George....he's so dreamy.... even though he's older than my dad!

    And I LOVED Trace Adkins song with the military. Got chills.

    And, I as well am over Kenny.

  3. Oh what the heck, I love Brad too!

  4. I'm pulling for those boys in blue tonight as well! By the way, this is a different Tiffany than the Tiffany listed above me! Just keeping it straight for you!

    I nominated you to receive a blog award. Check out my latest posting to see what you've won! You rock girlfriend!

  5. Is all of that Carrie Underwood's dress? I thought it was a stage prop.

    Hilarious post- especially the Rascal Flatts jig- they and Kenney Chesney are a tad overexposed aren't they?

  6. I like Carrie Underwood, but that dress is too much. Love Sugarland!
    I'm rooting for the HEELS. Keep it up boys. Franklin Street will be wild (but cold) tonight!!!
    Love & blessings from NC!

  7. Ohhhhhhhh I LOVE alllll of these fabulous pictures! How great was last night? Completely wonderful, you say? Agreed.

    Also, LOVING Allie's hair. She so has the gorgeous face to pull that off. I'm a wee jealous, yes.

  8. When did you start hating RF? I thought you loved them!


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