Tuesday, April 07, 2009

How Sweet It Is


The Tarheels are National Champions!

uncwins2x-largeheelsx-large  You know, when Tyler left the court for the last time in his college career and wrapped Roy in a very enthusiastic bear hug, that’s when I knew it was for real. When total joy spread over his face as he went down the bench embracing each teammate who had worked alongside of him, I knew a dream had been realized. Without a final push, without even much of a fight really, my Carolina Tarheels took the champions spot.

You want to know where I was as Roy pumped his fist and the boys accepted their trophy?

In bed. Apparently, four years later I lack the stamina to hang with the Franklin Street crowd. I watched the celebration cozied under our comforter as the snow continued to fall.


Here’s why I love the picture above. It’s not just the humble pride that emanated from Mr. Williams. It’s the emotion expressed on Wayne Ellington’s and Bobby Frasor’s face. Tears of joy at four years of dedication, sweat, injuries, and waiting finally paying off.

I love those boys in blue and couldn’t be prouder to be a Carolina Girl.


  1. It made me well up with tears. Roy Williams is such a good man and he has guided a fine team to a National Championship - with talent and grace.
    Go Heels!

  2. Congrats :)

    No nothing about the sport - but it obvious you are passionate about it!


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