Friday, May 15, 2009

Technological Vacay

My computer crashed Wednesday.

Crashed and crashed hard.

Thankfully, the talented young man on The Geek Squad at Best Buy (shout out to Tim!) was able to access everything on my hard drive. All my documents, music and pictures are now safely stored on an external hard drive.

Which is really good, because if I had lost the almost six hundred pictures Jason and I took at my sister's graduation, she would have killed me. And then who would write in the Diary of a Southern Drama Queen?

So, rest assured, the Diary lives on but not until next week when I go through the laborious process of restoring my computer.


In the meantime, I'm enjoying The Third (Usually) Annual Cousins' Trip computer-free. When I shared that with my cousin, Megan, she exclaimed, "Oh good! We'll actually get you for the weekend!"


Put down the internet and step away.

See y'all next week...

The Southern Drama Queen

P.S. I randomly picked a book from the library for its chick lit potential. It begins with a southern woman throwing a hissy fit. I can't relate to this book at all. {Wink.}


  1. Enjoy your vacation! Soak up some of that Golden Holden sun for me!

  2. I don't suppose the book is the one called "Hissy Fit?" If so, it's hilarious. Love it.

  3. Enjoy the book and time off! :-) I hope it's SO relaxing and just wonderful!

  4. Hissy Fit by Mary Kay Andrews? It is a good one- I love her! I've read all of her books. Have you read any Dorothea Benton Frank? If not, get Sullivans Island and Plantation- both are really good.

  5. Meg's always one to give it to ya straight. Gotta love her. :)


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