Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sisters do as sisters should, we’re all together sisters…

I think that out of all the things we did this past weekend to celebrate Allie’s graduation, laughing pretty much non-stop was my favorite. Of the over 500 pictures that Jason and I took this weekend, a good half to three-fourths of them captured laughter. Which means we did a pretty good job of capturing what our family is about.

And how convenient that over at “i heart faces” the theme for this week’s contest is laughter. Oh, I think I could find an entry or two hundred. This one, possibly my favorite one, will suffice for now…


This is pretty much what we do every time we’re together. Generally it only take about thirty seconds before we’re both hysterical with glee. I love it.

Make sure you head on over and check out the rest of the entries at the “i heart faces” site. Guest judge this week is The Pioneer Women, herself. Be still my beating heart…


  1. What a shot...who graduated???

  2. So glad that you had a such a great time! Congrats again to your sister!

  3. Oh so perfect! :-) I love it girl!!

  4. Leslie- you are amazing and so is your blog! We use to live near the original Pioneer Women statue...Ponca City, OK. Give it up! I loved the photography blog- thanks...

  5. J'aime votre chapeau!!!!!!


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