Thursday, May 07, 2009

Neither Here Nor There

Well, apparently Amy Grant (aka, Mrs. Vince Gill, how lucky is she?!) made an impact on a lot of y’all out there. From crying along with me on “All I Ever…” to your own stories of (almost) meeting her to a universal love of That Hair, I think it’s safe to say that Amy has left a long and lengthy legacy. If I win the big honkin’ prize in Boomama’s giveaway, I’ll be polling all of you for what I should talk to Amy about.

You think it would be appropriate to ask about her current hair products?


I realize I haven’t posted about our owl family in a few days but I do have some news: there is another owlet! I noticed him the other day on what I have dubbed “The Landing Branch”, thought he looked smaller than what I remembered and then saw the first two owlets in a nearby tree.

Sometimes it takes me a while to put things together. It’s been that kind of week.

The 4th grade class of my dear friend, Rita, has been entrusted with naming the little ones. They have come up with some creative and hilarious suggestions and I thought I’d throw the poll back up to see what y’all think. Check the upper right corner and cast your vote!

And since some of you are going through baby owl withdrawal and because it’s fun to mess with the rest of you who are freaked out by the owls, here’s a little fix for ya…

DSC_3062 DSC_0008 


Seriously, y’all, last week I thought I either had some sort of neurological disorder or that I was pregnant. Turns out neither is true, I just have some anxiety issues. After a panic attack (and I wouldn’t wish one on my worst enemy), the Week O’ Dizzy that sent me to the couch for almost ten straight days and a visit to the doctor, I now have a better grip on the situation and some awesome little yellow pills that chill me out somethin’ quick should I need them.

By the by, after checking my ears, throat, lungs and heart, the first thing the doctor said was, “Well, I don’t think it’s Swine Flu.”

Um, thanks for that diagnosis but I wasn’t really worried about that.


Remember Baby John? Look at what that little rascal can do now….


I swanee, have you ever seen such a sweet smile? His mama has the gift of humor and laughter (which she inherited from her mama, she comes by it honest) and it is clear that Baby John will have it too. I love him so.


Jason and I are headed to Charlotte tomorrow because…


Remember how I mentioned that she needed prayer for her missing math credit? Get this, the only way to get the credit she needed was to take a final for a class she had not attended this semester. Y’all, seriously, raise your hand if you’ve had that exact nightmare. {Cue the entire Internet raising their hands} That’s what I thought. My sister lived it and better than that, she passed the final. More than passed, she rocked that thing! I’m telling you, there’s nothing that woman can’t do.

So it’s Charlotte tomorrow for her departmental ceremony and then on to Blowing Rock for the weekend for a truly worthy celebration of all she’s accomplished.

I can pretty much promise I’m going to get weepy at several different moments.

So y’all have a good weekend and I’ll be back Monday with lots and lots of pictures of some graduation goodness!


  1. I couldn't pass math ever. Which is why I went the good ole liberal arts route. I was severely challenged with logic and statistics. I find your sisters fear both amazing and frightening.

  2. Have fun this weekend!! I can't believe Baby adorable:) I see your guilty please is Housewives...check this out

  3. Baby John is on the internets again thanks to sweet cousin Lulu! (Isn't my mom an incredible photographer?) He's cute, if I say so myself!

    Have fun this weekend--give our love to the graduate! (And John has that dream/nightmare once a month. I've never had it because I was never one to care about school. I think only smart people have that dream!)

  4. Thanks for the owl fix and the surprise smiling baby fix - that's always good on a Friday. Sorry to hear you've been down and out too- it's a bummer huh? Hope you're up and going again! Have a good weekend. Go Tarheels???

  5. Congrats to your sister!

    I have to take those same little yellow pills! I'm assuming they are the same... it's for the same problem and they are yellow!

  6. I'm glad you're ok!!!

    So I will begrudgingly admit the little owlets are pretty cute . . .
    not as cute as the little human you posted but you know :-)

    I'm going to UGA for my sister's graduation tomorrow . . . I mean I SWEAR she's not nearly old enough to be graduating from high school, let alone college! :-)

  7. Um...I do not accept your "i'm fine...blah blah blah" MUST hear it in your voice. Call when you get back.
    Love and miss you!

  8. Those owls are awesome, so keep posting pics! I hope you do post some grad pics though b/c I did not take one picture since so many photographers seemed to be there. I'm looking forward to seeing them! And if i may, let me tell the internet world how amazing you and your husband are for taking over the kitchen at many points for food preparation and serving! You guys did too much but it went so smoothly because of you!

  9. Yes lets do that for sure! :-) you guys could come visit us at camp! that would be so so great! and Adam would make you do the zip line for sure! :-)


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