Thursday, April 02, 2009

Honestly, I think we may just call him John Boy.

Of the many Cruise girl cousins, the one and only Sarah Jo has experienced what only one other brave cousin has- the joys (and trials) of living with me. She was my last roommate before my husband and that year with her was rich in thought, prayer and more laughter than I ever thought possible. I was thrilled when she married John, a man who is as thoughtful and faithful as she.

On February 22nd, their family of two became a family of three when John Alexander Harris, Junior arrived right on time. We all appreciated his promptness. Already, he takes after his mother.


I can’t even tell you what it does to my heart to watch Sarah Jo mother this sweet little baby. It’s surreal and yet the most natural thing I’ve ever seen.

My Aunt Melba and Uncle Randall picked their grandparent’s names when Audrey (Sarah Jo’s sister) had her son, Jacob. Melba decided she wanted to be called “Sweetie”. And oh my word, if you’ve ever met her you would know just how well this fits.

DSC_3671_2 DSC_4179_3

Randall chose the name “Mush”.  I know it sounds unusual but the story behind it is so precious. You see, Randall’s granddaddy was known as “Mush” because that was what Randall called his mustache when he was young. Randall has his own signature mustache (which has never gone out of style, I don’t know how the man does it) and decided to carry on the tradition. It’s perfection.


As new parents, they have perfected the art of the Baby Burrito.


He is delightful and beautiful and altogether kissable.

DSC_0137 DSC_4253_2


And while Sarah Jo knows to whom she is referring when she says “John”, the rest of us don’t. So for now, we’ve been referring to the wee little man as Baby John. Otherwise it just feels awkward to congratulate her husband on working out that stinky diaper.

In any case, I’m counting the days until I get to snuggle up to that sweet little face again…

DSC_4283_2 DSC_4282_2

Welcome to the Cruise Family, sweet boy.


  1. Oh how sweet! Thanks for the post! Baby John is smiling on my lap. (It could be Mommy's happy tears as she shares his internet fame or gas, we never know!)

    I was thinking about you yesterday while I was out running errands. Dug around the diaper bag for my phone to call you, but the little guy started screaming in the back seat. Prayed for you instead! I'll try to reach you soon!

  2. I have a cousin named John....he is now 40 years old...and we STILL call him John Boy!

    Beware - nicknames stick!

    Congratulations! He's a cutie!

  3. Only the sweetest of little boys are born on February 22nd. :)

  4. He is ADORABLE! Congrats to your entire family!

  5. he is so so stinkin' cute! :-) love all the pictures!

  6. Anonymous9:43 PM

    I don't know look very natural...confident...comfortable...

  7. What a lovely post!!

  8. Congratulations!!! He is adorable. I love the name John.
    Love & blessings from NC!


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