Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Long time since I’ve seen your smile…

Can you finish that lyric? All together now….

”…But when I close my eyes, I remember.

You were no more than a child,

but than so was I, young and tender.

{at the top of your lungs} Staaaaaaaaay for a while…”

Do you remember what she was wearing in the foldout poster in the record cover for “Straight Ahead”? I straight ahead {And you better believe I did everything I could in 1984 to get my hair to look like that}

Did you play out the piano part of “Sing Your Praise To The Lord” on the back of an armchair while your sister mimed the violin part? Allie and I did.

Audrey and I knew every single word of every single song on “Unguarded” and it was the closest we could get to punk rock (the album was our hero’s big move to pop) since our mothers had forbidden us from singing “We Built This City on Rock & Roll.”

No, I am not making that up. They thought it was the devil’s theme song. It’s amazing we grew up to be as normal as we are.

The Lead Me On Tour was my first real concert and I remember waiting for some guy named Micheal W. Smith to get off the stage because who was he compared to the one, the only, my musical idol- Amy Grant.

lead me on I adored her. I emulated her. I sang her songs constantly. I met her once when we lived in Nashville, TN. We were shopping at a fabric store in the Green Hills area and there she was. I swear, I almost passed out. I frantically found my mom, begged her to go with me and ask Amy for her autograph (I was nine at the time.) She was gracious and kind and it made my freaking decade.

I still love and respect Amy Grant. She’s been through some rough patches, had to endure it all in the limelight but has come through it all graciously and with an amazing head of hair.

Sigh. I still want her hair.EMI-MUSIC-AmyGrant As much as I love Amy Grant, I’m pretty sure that Boomama {aka Sophie} loves her more and has certainly had more chances to be close to her than me. In honor of Amy’s newly released EP, Sophie has an incredible giveaway going on at her blog. So, go check out the giveaway here and then make sure you go give Amy’s new EP a listen over here {or you can just click on the picture below.}


I’m going to go listen to “All I Ever Have To Be” now. And cry. That song always make me cry.


  1. Every important moment of my life has an Amy Grant song that goes with it- I've loved her since Straight Ahead. I'm telling and I were separated at birth - it's very creepy. AND - we are all enthralled with your owls!

  2. Yep... I was a big Amy Grant fan, and still am! Just another thing we have in common! (Like there weren't enough already!)

  3. Love the Old School Amy Grant the best!!!!

    "Father's Eyes" just about kills me every time I hear it.. especially because me & my dad have brown eyes together in the family & the parallels of having my earthly AND Heavenly Father's eyes... it makes me just tear up!

    I went to school with a girl who looked EXACTLY like Amy Grant too! Always LOVED her hair!

  4. So this will get you. I went to school with her niece and everyone of her friends except for me got to meet her one day - privately at he house! I don't know where I was but at the time I didn't think I was missing anything - I was much more Depeche Mode than AG.

  5. I used to listen to "All I Ever Have To Be" in my car and cry in high school. The Collection is still a fave. Did you know that the singer from Mr. Mister ("Broken Wings") sings backup on "Stay"? A certain Natty worship leader pointed that out to me.

  6. Anonymous2:14 PM

    I totally was singing "my father's eyes" the other day - in a stolen moment all to myself.
    - Carlye


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