Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Because today I stayed in my workout clothes until 7 pm and have nothing else about which to write.

{But you can read about that over here. Oh yes, oh yes, a long lost blog has risen from the dead….ahem…I mean, risen from the lazy.}

Just In Case You Were Wondering What Was In My iTunes Library

Number of Songs: 1,991
Number of Albums: 558
Most Recently Played Song: “So What” – P!nk
Most Played Song: “Shadowfeet”- Brooke Frasor
Most Recently Added Album: Songs You Know By Heart – Jimmy Buffet
{It was essential for my Summertime Music list. You understand, right?}

First Song Alphabetically: “ABC”- The Jackson 5
Last Song Alphabetically: “Your Song”- Elton John {Our wedding dance song. Sigh.}
Smallest Song Numerically: “4 Minutes”- Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake
Biggest Song Numerically: “84,000 Different Delusions”- Shawn Colvin

Shortest Song: “Tune Up #3”- Rent, Original Broadway Soundtrack (0:24)
Longest Song: “Big D’s Playground”- Everything (13:50)
First Album Alphabetically: Add To The Beauty – Sara Groves
Last Album Alphabetically: You, The Night & The Candlelight – Dave Barnes
First Album Numerically: 100 Greatest TV Themes
Last Album Numerically: 1200 Curfews – Indigo Girls

First Five Songs That Pop Up On Shuffle:
“Waiting For My Night”- Katie Herzig
“I’m Gonna Find Another You”- John Mayer
“Tip of My Heart”- Bebo Norman
“I’ll Cover You”- Rent, Original Broadway Cast
“Candyman”- Vertical Horizon

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  1. Hey Lady! You've got an award on my blog!


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