Thursday, June 25, 2009

I ramble as I power walk…

“Ugh, I really should have gotten out earlier, it’s so hot. And I probably should’ve eaten something. I wonder what else I can start eating for breakfast? Oatmeal, cereal, egg white omelets, turkey bacon, what else is there? I should’ve eaten a banana at least…Ugh, this sucks.

This is what happens. I’ve discovered the trigger. It’s macaroni & cheese. Doesn’t matter if it’s whole wheat and organic, it triggers my crazy eating habits. Stupid leftover Key Lime Pie. Although I did make it with fat-free condensed milk, so that’s gotta count for something. Why does the trigger have to be macaroni & cheese?!? It’s so unfair!!!

I didn’t drink enough water yesterday. I can tell, mouth’s dry. Good lord, the macaroni & cheese spoiled everything! Why am I out here again? I should just go home. No, gotta keep going. Start fresh, that’s all.

Signal Mountain really needs to put in a sidewalk on the rest of James. This is insane. Hey, big ol’ truck! How ‘bout you try to get a little closer to me next time?! Jeez. Share the road, why dontcha…

What else do I need to pack for the beach? I think I’ve gotten everything, Jason doesn’t need anything. Did I get enough sunscreen? SPF 50 for me, 30 if I’m feelin’ bold, 15 for J. Yeah, we’re good. Should I bring all my hats or just narrow it down to one? I’ll just take the tan one and the black one. That should do it.

Oh good lord, this hill! San Francisco marathon. Feels like that. Allie literally pushing me up the hills after Golden Gate Bridge. I didn’t train enough for that race. Oh, those hills! This hill may kill me…

The library should really put their sign by the “Hidden Entrance” warning sign. Never knew it was there myself when I first tried to find it. Ooh, they put up a new flag! Watermelon, cute. I don’t like watermelon.

{I hear a bang! bang! bang! as I pass the water tower} Yikes! I guess they’re working up there? What would happen if it burst? Would I hear it? Should I turn down my iPod? Where would I run? Would I be able to outrun the tremendous water flow? Oh lord, I’m so glad today’s not a running day. I can’t even get my pace below 14:20/mile. Seriously, how fast would that water travel if the tower broke?

Ah, flatness. Praise Jesus.  Maybe I can get my pace up now. I’m glad Debbie gave me this thing. Wonder if I’ll hit 3 miles today…

Turn around time. Yes!!…

Water tower’s still there. I think I’m good. I should probably stop watching so many disaster movies…

Where’s the shade? I feel like I’m back on the Mt. Tabor XC team, lagging behind while Coach Esposito looks at me disappointingly. Hey, I was only doing it to letter and for college applications. Good thing Allie far exceeded his expectations of an Unger.

Why do I have all these slow songs on my “Get It Movin’” mix? Skip. Skip. Skip. High School Musical 3. Perfect. Zac Efron is cute. I need to rent that movie again. Wonder if the kids will want to watch it at the beach? I need to get started on their beach treats. Got the paint pens, need to start writing names on water bottles. Did I pull my cute script workbook out of storage. Think so…

{“I Want It All” from HSM3 comes on} Love this song! I really want to do one big Broadway type number before I die. I should get on that.

Ooh, here comes Jason, guess he’s going back to the James house to paint. Should I wave? Blow a kiss? Nah, I’ll just make a silly face. Love him…

Almost home! Need my power song. What is with all these slower songs in this mix?! Need to fix that when I get home…Thank you, Katy Perry, I’d love to hear about waking up in Vegas.

Push…push…almost done….done! Now I don’t have to think about this again until morning.

Annnnd my fingers look like sausage links. Awesome.”


  1. THIS?

    I thoroughly enjoyed. Though your work out ramblings are far more advanced than mine.

    Also, am on Day 3 of THE DREADED SHRED. It really hurts a LOT when I try to sit down, especially on the toilet.

    Too much information? Sorry, I was getting carried away with the stream of conciousness...

  2. Thanks for making me laugh out loud in my office! Makes me feel a little more normal with all of the random thoughts that go through my head when I'm working out!

  3. WOW! I seriously feel like I just did the 3 miles with you! Isn't insane how our brains just tend to wander around aimlessly while we're working out!

    Loved this post!

  4. So glad that someone else puts show tunes on their iPod. I have almost every song from Hairspray on mine. It's weird....Jay-Z, Eminem, Rage Against the Machine, Zac of these things is not like the other one....

    But those Zac Efron beats really get you moving....

  5. Love the inside knowledge. Mac&Cheese is so seductive--it's got to be laced with Crack.

  6. Ha! The dreaded sausage fingers - I hate that! Although, let's be honest, I haven't seen them in quite a while. Not due to exercise, at least. :P

  7. Happiest moment of my day...THANK YOU!

  8. Anonymous10:19 PM

    Love it...yur funny!


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