Thursday, June 18, 2009

I so got the better end of the deal when we said, “I do”

I need to take a moment here and brag on my husband. There are a million things that he is good at. Seriously. I had no idea when I agreed to marry him that I was getting my own personal handyman {well, I might have known a little about that one}, electrician, plumber, carpenter, oh-so-calm negotiator/mediator, dog trainer, chef, landscaper, and mechanic. And it’s not like he just dabbles a bit in each of those areas. Oh no, the man is a bonafide, certified, genuine, it’s-the-real-deal expert in all of them.

Another area? Photography. I was a little interested in photography back in my single days but not enough to warrant the pictures I’ve been taking lately. Photography is a career that Jason is considering seriously investing in and as such, it’s been at the forefront of many of our conversations and outings. In fact, when he started taking so many great pictures is when I started wanting to take great pictures.

Apparently I’m a wee bit competitive. I never knew this. {Any of you who’ve known me for a while, if you have any insight into this, I’d appreciate it, thankyouverymuch.}

One evening last week some friends of ours agreed to be the subject of a photo shoot. Jason wanted to get some more practice, add some pics to his portfolio and the family comes away with whatever cool shots he got. Good deal all around. Here’s what my husband captured of Fred and Christina and their adorable kiddos…

DSC_5927 b&w



DSC_6216  DSC_6271

DSC_6287   DSC_6396a

DSC_6429a  DSC_6448


DSC_6476 {And yes, the little man is using his hand for a microphone. He serenaded us with both “Jesus is a Friend of Mine” (oh, pleeeease go watch the video if you haven’t already) and “He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands”. It was the former that confirmed my thought that his parents are raising him right.}


  1. Those kiddos are presh! And if your hubby ever needs another object for his portfolio, I have a half NC, half TX breed baby who will sit (this word is used loosely) in front of his camera. RAD PICS!

  2. Oh these are GREAT! :-) if he ever needs more practice, jayci is always available as a model :-)

  3. Aside from the fact that the pictures are gorgeous, you should know that I know Fred (he may not remember me), but I know BOTH of his sisters well... we all went to to college together!!!! Too cute!!!

  4. Adorable pictures.

    But that video - oh, how I love it! When I posted it on my blog a while back, I noted that my favorite part was "Zap!" Still makes me laugh...!!

  5. Seriously fantastic pictures! Talk about a renaissance man.

  6. those are awesome pictures! :)
    it makes me smile to read about how your husband is so good at so much!
    it reminds me of my sweet boy....
    he is so stinking good at so much, and totally kept this home running smoothly....
    and now that he is 1300 miles away...i'm really seeing the effects of how not good at things i am! :)
    oh well! :)
    we can't all be good at everything!

  7. I would hire him in a heartbeat.


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