Thursday, August 20, 2009

Her appreciation of big hair was inspiring.

Back before Jason and I started looking at moving to Chattanooga, I had discovered a hot pink blog by the name of Ministry So Fabulous. I’ve discussed before what will immediately draw me into a blog:  a funny southern woman who loves Jesus. Well, Amy Beth is all that and more. For months I read her blog, marveling at the ministry she created to help young girls build confidence and find their true worth. The heart, wit, and self-deprecating humor of this woman in Cleveland, Tennessee made a powerful impression on me and I found myself wishing that she and I were friends in real life.

Fast forward to September/October, the decision was made to move to Chattanooga. Imagine my joy when I looked at a map and discovered that Cleveland was a mere thirty minutes from Chatt. I emailed AB asking for her thoughts on living in Chattanooga, secretly hoping all along that this would be start of a beautiful friendship.

And it was.

And bonus? I get to be friends with Cousin Cate as well.

Amy Beth asked me to write a guest post regarding my extensive shower throwing experience. I am beyond honored to be featured on the hot pink blog and you can check it out right here!

{I encourage you to take some time and wander around Amy Beth’s blog….I think you’ll be as inspired, impressed, amazed, encouraged as I have been…}


  1. It's great you can share all we've learned over the years. Well written post!

  2. You are too sweet. I'm SO glad we're real-life friends now. :)

  3. AAHHH - so jealous! I love Amy Beth... & love you too.. I'm in KY - I gotta start making some trips down to TN more often! hehe!

  4. just found your blog via amy beth's and i'm so glad!! love your writing, your sense of humor, and your carolina roots, girl!! we are a tarheel household and i LOVE your pillow in your unc chair...totally jealous! :) blessings on an amazing school year!



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