Thursday, August 13, 2009

Just call me Pepe le Tres Southern

Here you go. Me, in video form. I’m not going to lie- my accent? Pretty dang proud of it. Jason and others tell me it gets even stronger when talking to my aunts. Frightening or awesome? I’ll let y’all decide.

Also, yes, I have some sun damage on my upper lip hence the fact that you might think I’m sporting a pencil thin mustache. It’s truly humiliating and if you have any remedies, please feel free to share in the comments. I’m not too proud to beg.

Ok, back to making my classroom come alive. Enjoy!

{If you love my super cute t-shirt with a darling flower on it like I do, you need to head right on over to my friend Tiffany’s website and Etsy shop to get you one.

Seriously, go.

You won’t regret it.}


  1. Several thoughts.....

    #1. Adorable shirt! Where on earth did you get it? :D

    #2. Love the gum chew when the lady comes on with the Aflac announcement.

    #3. Your storage closet = TO DIE FOR. I have one shelf - ONE SHELF!

    #4. Cute lamp! Cute cute cute!

    #5. Love your new do. Can totally see it here in full action!

    #6. Love your room!

    #7. Most of all, I LOVE your enthusiasm. I can really tell how excited you are and how you have a passion for what you do...those kiddos are LUCKY.

  2. Love the lamp. Target. And your accent.

    I'm jealous. Of your storage closet. And of your sister's marathons.

    Just kidding about your sister.

    Oh, and I dig your new do!

    Hope you have a great year.

    Sweet dreams.

  3. You have an amazing classroom and that closet is to die for. How awesome!!! A teacher can never have enough storage space. The bulletin boards are shaping up! Your haircut is really cute. I love it!!! I can tell how excited you are to get your room all set up. I can't wait to see the finished product. And aren't you excited to meet your students for the first time? I always looked forward to that when I taught. Take care and have a nice weekend. Love & blessings from NC!

  4. OK - I'm going to live through you - I always wanted to be a teacher!!! How much fun!!! I'd be ALL about those bulletin boards!

    *Love the lamp... too cute!
    *What an amazing storage closet
    *love little desks... aahh...
    *Love the little storage area - nice to keep coats & stuff out of the way
    *I recommend just getting like a nice, pretty basket to put all your stuff in on Friday so then you can just pile it back on Monday
    *And question... what the heck is ON that bulletin board in the "locker room" area?????? It looked like blood splattered!!!!!!

    *And finally - you are just the cutest little thing!!!

  5. BWWWAHAHAHAHAHA "can you say editing?" :) Is it bad that with all the other fab stuff, that was my VERY favorite part? I think no.

  6. That closet is amazing and it's empty! (Which is good and bad--sometimes you can find treasures in there and other times you find big messes.)

    I always had bare walls at the beginning of the year and enlisted the children to help get things looking better. A favorite, easy project for the beginning of the year: Bioglyphs. They make adorable faces on paper plates according to their interests and summer activities. You can even make a speech bubble for them to add something else about themselves and you'll have an idea of where they are with written language.

    Ok, way too much talking for a blog comment. I'm living vicariously through your new class so STOP me when I get annoying. It'll come in fits and starts. I loved teaching and this time of the year!

  7. love it love it love it!

    Wish we could be in the same town to bounce ideas off of each other. maybe in another social networking capacity???

    you are the best! It was great to have you visit the other day!

  8. that was fabulous....seriously, Lelie Jo Koy Petree. i was thoroughly entertained from start to stop. the announcement couldn't have been scripted better and that is a ridiculous huge space. wow. can't wait to see finished room. tremendous bummer on dual functionality of space being a sunday school classroom, too. c'est la vie. xxx

  9. Anonymous8:54 AM

    oh Lu,
    I feel like sending you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils!! You are an amazing teacher, full of passion and ready to love on those little hearts and minds!

    Can't wait to see your after... what a great space to work with!
    Oh my goodness... you look just like Sarah Jo!

    love, marmee

  10. totally jealous of the storage closet! AWESOME!!!!! and i must say, i wish i would have thought about making a video of my class before i put everything up....
    for the past few years, i always want to take before pictures, and never have....i'm just so excited to get in there and get it done that i forget to do before pics!!

    can't wait to see the after!!

  11. Love the accent :)

    Mind you, mine is probably even stranger to you than yours is to me, being in Northern Ireland!

    Love that lamp.

    Love what you are doing with your room.

    Hope you share it again, after it has been used by the kids :)


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