Monday, August 17, 2009

Oddly enough, 26 miles looks amazingly doable right about now.

I am not sure I could be more tired than I am right now. Oh, wait. Yes I could. Check back with me on Wednesday after the first day of school!

Seriously, the last time I remember being this tired was after completing my one and only marathon. Only this time, instead of a Tiffany’s necklace as my finishing medal, I have a finished classroom! Wanna see?

{By the way, I promise I’m not going to do videos every post for the next nine months. But it is just so dang convenient right now when I can barely keep my eyes open, the resentment from my under exercised dog is palpable and I’ve basically had to go back and respell every word in this post thus far. The video? IT IS MY FRIEND.}

Praise be, tomorrow is a very laidback day for us teachers. I plan on getting some errands completed, beefing up on the math curriculum and putting final touches on things around the classroom.

And yes, I will exercise both the dog and myself. Because seriously? The glares that dog is shooting me rival a disgruntled teenager’s.


  1. Love your hair! And I love the lamp on the desk- where did you get it? Can't wait til we head to Chatt. on the 4th- I THINK "Joe" is back- the seniors have to decide if they want to pay the price to get him back- kind of cool, kind of weird- I'll tell you about it when it's official.

  2. Oh I just love it! :-) It looks for sure like the kiddos are going to learn a lot . . . they're going to love you!

  3. i left my kindergarten class yesterday....and went to run...and was super proud of the fact that i ran for 5 whole minutes straight....(i'm doing intervals at this point, and we are only up to 2.5 run/2 walk)

    it is amazing how proud i was of doing so much work at school
    and running for 5 minutes too! it was GREAT!!

  4. Love it...adorable! Love it!

  5. You are just the cutest thing!!!!!

    LOVE the picture board... Love your Dorothy shoes on there!!! And LOVE the monogrammed cup holder!

    Question - why are the end desks turned in... just nosy - wouldnt that make those kids wanna talk to the ones they are facing- or make the kids they are facing feel funny? Or is that not even a problem for 3rd graders?

    The rooms looks great...

    And OHHHH - I wanna be a monitor of something! (I was always wanting that in school!!!) FUN!

  6. Anonymous10:20 AM

    Aww - looks great! Reminds me of my Mary Englebreit door name tag from sophomore year. ;-) Good luck with the start of the year!!

  7. looks great! hope it all goes smooth! and btw, of course you can do the 26 miles! :)

    love the yaya book! have you read it before? LOVE it!

  8. I call "Board Eraser"!!!!

  9. i'll put Bit's eye roll up against Knox's roll--any ole'day. Room looks incredible. You really have great storage area/ it all.

  10. Anonymous7:25 PM

    It looks so fabulous, inviting and colorful. Great job getting those cubbies ready... I can tell you've been burning the midnight oil!
    So excited for you and those lucky little kids!

    Congrats on the 5K!! Didn't know you were even doing it. You go, girl!

    love, marmee


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