Sunday, September 20, 2009

I dare you not to cry.

Taylor’s story is not my story, not exactly. But I do love what this song conveys about the relationship between a mother and a daughter. I love you, Marmee….


  1. Me and AC sing this one all the time- but it's not "exactly" her story either. Sadly my little one has some father issues of her own. Thanks God for mommas huh?

  2. makes me miss my momma.

  3. Anonymous4:19 PM

    I am honored and humbled by your love.

    xo, Marmee

  4. mmmm...lump in my throat. having little girls is the best gift in the world.

  5. Anonymous1:48 PM

    i love this video! :) it made me cry & laugh...even though it's not my story either, but it's a story i wish for my future kids & all my niece's & nephew's.


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