Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Apparently, celebrity chasing is not a new activity for me.

Once upon a time, back in the days of the E-Ranch, we watched a little show called “Two of a Kind,” a sitcom featuring the Olsen twins. We were mildly obsessed with the actor who played their dad, Christopher Sieber.

christopher sieber

I know, hunky dunky, right? Cut to a year later in 2002 when my dad and I headed to New York City for my Grandpa’s birthday celebration. As an early birthday present for me, Dad took me to see “Into The Woods.”


At the time, I knew it was starring Vanessa Williams as the Witch but imagine my glee when five minutes into the show I realized Hunky Dunky was performing as Rapunzel’s Prince Charming. I can’t embed the video, so go here to see one of the funniest songs in the show. Chris {oh yes, we’re on a first name basis now, you’ll see why in a moment} is the one in the purple coat.

Since this was before the days of Twitter, I had to wait to tell my fellow E-Ranchers of my stupendous luck. However, I was bound and determined that I would get a picture of Chris before the day was out. So, I planted myself by the stage door outside and waited with the eager throngs of people as the actors exited after the matinee. One by one they left, agreeably taking pictures and signing autographs. I even got a shot with the kid from “Picket Fences” {anyone remember that show? Tom Skerrit? CBS?}


But alas, no Chris. Apparently, he had slipped out another door but I was told by a stagehand that he would most likely be back in an hour or so. In no uncertain terms I made it clear to Dad that I wasn’t leaving that door until I had personally spoken with the cutest sitcom dad I had ever known. And so began a very long two hour Broadway stakeout.

At the two hour mark, I was starting to lose hope but to what should my weary eyes appear but Vanessa Williams! She was heading right towards us and her only entry back into the theatre. Score! I had my program ready and asked as she approached, “Ms. Williams, may I have your autograph?”



You know how she plays that evil snotty conniving woman on “Ugly Betty”? Let’s just say she doesn’t have to go far to get into character.

But then, THEN, glory be to the Broadway gods, here came my Christopher.


And he was oh so charming and couldn’t have been sweeter or more grateful to speak with a fan. Of course, I told him all about the E-Ranch and our undying love for “Two of a Kind” and how we were so glad that he had ended up with the nanny after all.  He assured me that he wouldn’t have had it any other way.


“Oh no, Chris, it’s okay. You’re so sweet to want to give me your number but I already have plans for this evening. Maybe next visit? Thanks, Hunky Dunky.”


 Now, if I could only get Matthew Morrison to return my calls….


  1. Oh my- you have quite a talent there. Cannot believe you saw Johnny Majors! I grew up listening to my grandfather sing the praises of Johnny Majors!

  2. Dont you just HATE it when a hot celeb wants to give you their number... hehe!!!

    That's hilarious!

    Love all the pics...

    & I hope Vanessa Williams was just having a bad day & that's not just who she is...

  3. Hey! Your blog got a facelift - super cute!!

    Hmmm. I can't decide who's cuter - Hunky Dunky or guy from Desperate Housewives. I'm not sure - and I can't believe you've met them both!! (And, um, yes to Matthew Morrison!) ;)

  4. Love it! Having had a run in (or three) with Ms. Williams I found her to be umm...well, too bad she's not in Wicked.
    And I knew you were good people - Vera Bradley "Ming" pattern? Absolutely! Not many of us out there.


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