Saturday, October 02, 2010

A Talker

I've been lucky enough that almost every year I've taught there's usually been one or two little girls with whom I really click and have been able to maintain a friendship with over the years. I had so many women that invested in my life that I count it a privilege I would get to do the same. Even better has been to watch those girls grow into amazing young women. Alana, Grace B., Hadley, Sarah, Grace F., Jenna...creative, funny, talented young women.

Another bonus? Their moms are super cool and have become dear friends along the way as well. Teaching definitely has had some unexpected rewards.

This afternoon, I had the chance to hang out with a little girl who was in my class last year. I knew from pretty much day one that Abigail was a kindred spirit. The telling sign? She never stopped talking. Never. But it was never mindless chatter. Homegirl has good stuff to say. She's spirited, confident, thoughtful and seriously funny. Her mom? Another fave. Sassy and witty, I've been grateful to see her during the school day as she's worked as a kindergarten assistant.

Abigail and I headed to Sweet Cece's {duh} and I finally got to hear all about all the going ons of her life from the last month or so. I give you, Abigail's musings...

- On her grandparent's stamina, "My grandpa had worked the day before so I stayed up until 12:30 but he was just worn slap out!"

- On deciding what sport to pursue, "See, I really want to be a tennis star and a cross-country star so I think I'm just going to keep doing both."

- On frozen yogurt, "Oh my word, this stuff is just so good, I think it must be ice-cream disguised as yogurt!"

- On the challenges of fourth grade, "Oh my gosh, everything goes so fast! I was still on the first paragraph when Mrs. W said, 'Ok, turn to the next page...' and I was like {insert eyes as big as saucers here}."

- On Knox {she went with me to take Knox to run around at the high school field}, "Knox, you're just being a lazy butt, aren't you?"

Love that girl. I can't wait to watch her become a tennis star, a cross-country star and an award winning meteorologist. Oh yes, she's going to do it all.

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  1. As I get ready to go to the woods with my own group of 5th/6th grade angels, I needed this post. It is a good time to get to know them better and see them outside of the classroom. I always dread the week, but God blesses me with new insights and often extra energy at the end of the week. Look forward to reading your blogs when I get back. Roll Tide!


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