Saturday, February 26, 2011

Catching Up

If you've been reading this blog for the last year, GOD BLESS YOU. I realize just how inconsistent I've been in writing but I think that maybe, just maybe, the blogging mojo is making a comeback. Back in December, I had every intention of the Joy project being what brought me back to my little spot of the internet that I love so much. Then there was a...detour. A speed bump. A road diverged.

And I had to take the one I have never traveled by.

Lordamercy, do I ever hope it makes all the difference.

Two days before Christmas, I resigned from my teaching position. It wasn't something I had anticipated doing, but sometimes life throws you a curveball and you have to stick the landing while you make the jump shot and roll with the punches or else you'll never sink the putt. Or something like that. Anyhow, I'm very proud of the work I did in that classroom and so grateful for the support I have continued to receive from so many of the parents, kids and teachers there. I'm not sure what comes next. It's been difficult emotionally having to process this new place. I have an amazing husband and support system {y'all included!} and I'm anxious to see what will end up filling this next chapter of my story.

In the meantime, let's get back to the joy, shall we? Brace yourself, my friends, there's a lot of pictures in this post. Let's start back where I left off, the trip down to Florida for Christmas with Mom and Allie...

Knox is the best traveler. Without fail, about fifteen minutes into any road trip he settles into a nap. His sweet freckled nose tucked into that fraggle of a tail? {16} Bliss.
It was McDonald's coffee {17}, BUT IT WAS COFFEE.

I don't remember who introduced me to the joy that is dipping a salty fry into a sweet Frosty {18}, but I can't eat one without doing so. Viva la Frosty!

It was a looooong trip down to Allie's new place near Palm Beach. Did you know Florida is really flat? Very. Nothing too terribly interesting to look at until you finally get close to the coast. Anytime I'm heading to a beach, I savor that first glimpse of the water {19}. A golden sunset over a glimmering gulf is always soothing.

I know the Carhartt overalls + my husband has already been mentioned {5}, but who says joys can't be repeated? {Let me say for the record, I asked him to pose this way {20}. But, seriously. Love. This. Man.}

My love of the magic of dusk and twilight is well documented {take a peek here and here}. So imagine my joy at a dusk shot through with purples and pinks and oranges {21}. Throw in a palm tree and you have the perfect recipe for peace.

Me, my Marmee and my Allie. {22} We have the same smile, we know each other backwards and forwards and we never get tired of making each other laugh {or laughing at each other}. 

It wasn't until I reached into Allie's pantry and realized that were no mini marshmallows that I knew the childlike joy of putting giant marshmallows {23} into my hot chocolate on Christmas morning.

Joy looks like weaving my love's Christmas morning traditions {24} into mine. 

And joy looks like my sister whipping out these lovelies {25} for a new Christmas morning tradition. Mi-more mimosas, please!

We missed the first big snow in Chatt while we were down in Florida. It was surreal to leave sunny and balmy Florida and drive back into a winter wonderland. But look! More freckles! {26} Only made of snow!
Jason and I got all gussied up and headed to one of our favorite spots in Chatt, The Terminal {27}, for a New Year's Eve dinner. I don't think I'll ever get tired of sitting across from my husband, enjoying really good local food and some spectacular brews.

He's slept in this position {28} since he was a wee pup and it never gets old. Never.

This dog. Eight inches of snow. Romping. {29}

Chattanooga was covered in one more big snow which actually kept us housebound for a week. Thank goodness I had stocked up for the quintessential snow day meal {30}. {Yes, that's a Muppets glass, the kind they used to sell at Pizza Hut back in the day. If you run across more of these, will you buy them for me? Pay you back, thanks!}

My dear friend and sister of my heart, Carlye {she's the one in the fantastic skirt and sassy boots}, is pursuing her joy and it is a thrill to watch her live out her calling as an artist {31}. Joy is contagious and joy was palpable as I watched her host her first art show reception down in Birmingham. She was amazing and I am inspired just watching her.

One of my {unspoken until now} New Year's resolutions was to read more, at least one novel a month. I felt like I was indulging the twelve year old bookworm in me {32} as I cozied up at a coffee shop and finished this fantastic book. If you have reading suggestions for me, I'd love to hear them!

This sculpture makes me giddy {33}. It reminds me of Jackie O and all things feminine.

There is joy in big hair {right, Amy Beth?} and there is joy getting all prettified for a night on the town {34}. I love being a girl.

Have you seen these? Fruit Loops in Cheerio form {35}. So, essentially healthy Fruit Loops. Awesome.

We're not really big on making a deal out of Valentine's Day. This year we opted for dinner at home {Jason cooked. SWOON.} and a quiet evening on the couch. Repurposing a Christmas ornament {made by the one and only Robin Plemmons} for our Valentine's Day decorations {36}? Ooh la la and lovey dovey.

So, there we are. Caught up. Onward....


  1. Glad to catch up with you! Sorry to hear about your job, but I'm sure you had your reasons. Life has been really busy for me. I am still blogging, but not as often. My aging parents are taking a lot more of my time, so I just can't do everything. We are being teased here in NC by the warmer weather, so hopefully spring is just around the corner. Take care. Love & blessings from NC!

  2. I hope you dO start blogging again :-) I've missed you friend!


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