Monday, July 04, 2011

A (not so) Fond Farewell

Dear Unemployment,

You arrived six months ago, an unwelcome visitor. We certainly didn't ask for you to visit, and we definitely didn't ask you to move in and make yourself comfortable. But move in you did and there was no choice but to face your arrival and deal with it. I wasn't too thrilled to see you unpack insecurity, lack of confidence and doubt. Those were the ugliest parts of your stay. They lingered in the air, over my relationships and made me feel lethargic and ashamed. Thankfully, I had good friends, an amazing husband and family, and a strong church community who gave me words and encouragement so I could face that ugly luggage and know it for what it truly was- false.

Still, you did bring a few items that I didn't mind. You brought time, lots and lots and lots of time. That was actually a very thoughtful hostess gift, Unemployment. There was time to think, really think about who I was and what steps I wanted to take next. You brought time for me to embrace a budding passion and indulge in crafty endeavors. Because of you I had time to read and think and write in a relaxed way that I hadn't in a while. I had time to love on my husband and serve our family in a different way that didn't involve a paycheck. There was time now to craft dinners and stay ahead of the laundry (did you know a homebuilder foreman creates a TON of laundry?) and play with the dog. That time was a gift and I thank you for it.

You brought with you a new opportunity for Jason and I to trust each other. We were given the chance to prove to ourselves that we could persevere as a team through your difficult stay, that we weren't defined by your presence, and that we had enough wisdom and humor to see your visit for what it was- temporary. Unemployment, you offered me a new opportunity to trust my loving Father. True, your arrival might have made me doubt Him at first. But I've learned that doubt can be a gift and that God is big enough to handle it. Wrestling with that doubt has led to a deeper understanding that, just like the sparrow, His eye is always on me and He cares for me so much. So I guess I have you to thank for that, too.

However, it's time to bid you adieu. You see, I've accepted a job offer at a wonderful college and I start work tomorrow. Sure, I'll bear the official title of "Administrative Assistant to the Chapel Office," but I've learned from your extended visit that a job title isn't the only thing that defines me. Oh no, there's much more to me than that. Still, I am grateful for it's purpose and for the new opportunities it will bring.

So, see you later, Unemployment! Don't let the door hit you on the way out! Oh, and do me a favor? Stay away from my friends, m'kay?

Leslie Ruth


  1. Leslie Ruth, I am so thrilled about your new job. Congratulations!!! I am very behind on blog reading/writing myself. Life has been very crazy/busy recently, but not in a bad way. I am just dealing with elderly parents and life has been very busy! My youngest has graduated from college and is living with us for the next year, so we are thrilled! I enjoyed your post about Myrtle Beach. We were just there a week ago. Love to eat at Calabash!!! Love & blessings from NC!

  2. Woot! May you never have said house guest again!

  3. yay for your new job! :-) congrats friend! :-) ps - you still going to come visit me and Ikea?

  4. Anonymous7:30 PM

    That is just beautiful. And just when are you starting that book?
    Love and prayers went out to you all day!

  5. Leslie,

    Exquisite post. I'm so proud of you!

    xo, Marmee


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