Thursday, June 21, 2012

Raise a Glass to the College Grads

Back in May, we went back to Chapel Hill to see my cousin, Phillip David, graduate from UNC. Y'all know I love my alma mater, so give me an excuse to spend a whole weekend there? Bring it.

I have the best memories of the night before my graduation. In one of those events titled Things I Never Thought My Parents Would Do, I convinced them to join me and every other graduate at He's Not Here, one of my favorite Chapel Hill bars at the time. My Uncle Todd and Aunt Betsy came too and I was so happy to share that piece of my undergrad experience with them.

So, the night before Phil's graduation, I was ridiculously antsy to hit up Franklin Street. Chattanooga doesn't have the same night scene that Chapel Hill does and I was bound and determined to take advantage of it while we were there. Allie, Phil, his girlfriend CJ, and Megan (his sister,yet another AMAZING cousin) were game and so out we went.

I call this next series of photos, "It's Been Twelve Years Since I Graduated and Once A Year I Will Act Like I'm Still Twenty-Something While Having The Advantage of The Confidence of My Thirties."

 Oh, the Blue Cup. A dear, dear friend during my last two years of college. 

 And then we moved on to champagne. It seemed like the only logical thing to do.

 Proud alumni! (L-R) Class of 2008, Class of 2000, Class of 2012

A shining jewel in the middle of Franklin Street - Top of the Hill
Where I spent many a birthday night, had the best E-Ranch New Year's Eve ever, watched the men's basketball team bring home the 2005 national championship and did many embarrassing things the night of my bachelorette party. 
Top O and I? We're close.

It took Allie all of about 30 seconds to talk a random frat guy into letting her try on his sports coat. She was completely in awe of all the preppiness of Chapel Hill.

 We get crazy on the dance floor. It's scary.

 Everybody loves Dean. 

You know what else I love? Telling some lame drunk dude who was hitting on us to go away. Oh, yes I did. And it was awesome and I felt none of the guilt I would have in my twenties.

Being in my thirties freaking rocks. 

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  1. What FUN!!!!!! Looks like y'all had a blast!!! :D


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