Friday, October 19, 2012

Blessings, large and small

It's been a good week, folks. 
My Monday was actually a second Sunday, two quiet days at work since the kids were on fall break, lots of time with friends...I don't have one single complaint. 

 {Staff Retreat/In-Service. We were allowed to wear jeans to work and they had fresh Starbucks on hand. Definitely eased the blow of sitting in the same room for 3+ hours.}

 {Hooray! Reunited! Good as new!}

{October Photo a Day, 16 - Something I Wrote at our staff retreat. Notes from an amazing devotional and doodles from when the speakers lost me.  

 {October Photo a Day, 17 - The Fruit of my crafty labor on Wednesday}

{October Photo a Day, 18 - A living room full of friends Made Me Smile on Thursday. You're looking at an answer to prayer...}

And yet, Friday is just as welcome as always. The weekend is shaping up to pretty delightful, too. Babysitting some of our favorite kiddos, more college football, pumpkin pickin' and carving, and perhaps a country arts fair along the Sequatchie River. 

Fall, you are glorious. 


  1. You're not trying to tell us something with those doodles, are you? ARE YOU?

    1. Ha! No, no, not at all! Possible future kids' names are just one of my go-to doodles now that my married name has actually been determined :)

  2. I love the nickname Gus. So cute. :)


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