Friday, October 26, 2012

This week.

Ohhhhhhh, this week.

Lordamercy, it's been a doozy. Not bad, really, but just weird. Busy, frazzled, funny, odd, ridiculous, and then some. But filled with some really good things. 

October twenty-first through the twenty-sixth has been brought to you by....

The 2 Bridges 5k with my girls, Peyton and Lindsey. We pretty much rocked it (Peyton's first race!) and I have big plans for making a little movie out of all the pictures and videos I took while we ran/walked.

Visiting Ketner's Mill for the first time and enjoying freshly made apple fritters. YES.

My most ambitious crafty endeavor yet and a time honored tradition in my personal Halloween costume history. Jason's request which just makes me all sorts of giddy and happy like a schoolgirl in love.

Breathtaking views from work that make up for what a pain in the keister it is to get up here some mornings.

A Thursday night filled with all sorts of my favorite people. 

One more Halloween sneak peek. I am only an overachiever when it comes to crafting.

I'm told that the weekend ahead holds good things. 

I believe it. 

Happy Friday, y'all!

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