Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Today Was a Very Good Day

I love my job. Like in a ridiculous, insanely grateful, makes me so happy when I think about it I could cry sort of way. I have more to say about that, but it probably needs to be another post.

{October Photo a Day, 2 - Looking up at lunchtime} 

{October Photo a Day, 3 - So this happened today. Inauguration prep began on the foggy chapel lawn.}

But let me just say that one of my favorite things about working where I do is that as a chapel office staff, we laugh a lot. We laugh loud and we're big fans of stuff that's funny enough to make us snort because we're laughing just that hard.

Also, we've yet to meet a random but hilarious YouTube video we didn't love.

This happened today and we laughed for a long long time. My boss, the chaplain, on male students only picking up one free ticket to the Inaugural concert featuring Fernando Ortega...
"I'm not about Marriage Mill on the Hill, but I am all about taking the initiative to take a girl on a FREE DATE! I mean, it's music about Jesus. That's harmless! It's not a marriage proposal, for crying out loud!" 

After work, we got to go over and hang out with our buddy Jack so his parents could have a date night. He and his daddy built a fort earlier in the day and Jack invited Jason and Lulu to climb in, read some books and was a big fan of taking self-portraits on our phones.

Hands down, my favorite voices of the day.


  1. LOVE the fog picture -- so, so pretty!!!

    And Jack is way too cute. :)

    I'm enjoying your series! Love your perspective.


  2. I hope October lasts forever...


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