Wednesday, October 02, 2013

The Office

Seriously, how adorable was Dwight by the end of the series? Precious and infuriating, loved that guy. However, I'm not talking about the TV show today. Nope, talking about my office, the chapel office at Covenant College. When I got there two years ago, it looked like this.

Bless its sad little heart, it had been neglected for a few years. The chaplain and my other amazing coworker had more important things to do, so the space had become a hodge podge of randomly collected items. At least, I'm guessing they were randomly collected because the decorative scheme didn't make a bit of sense to me. 

Now, I'm a nester. With every move Jason and I have ever made, I've always had things unpacked and pictures hung within days. Staying overnight at camp? Bed made with a quilt I brought as soon as I got there. Staying at a hotel for a few days? Clothes in drawers, personal pillows on the bed. I need cozy, I need warm, I want the space to be someplace where folks feel comfortable coming in and staying for a while.

So, the chapel office? It clearly needed a little love. Between Jo-Ann's Fabrics, Pinterest and a few ideas of my own I brightened things up and turned it into this:

{Sidenote: that "window" came down eventually. Not my style at all.}

Better, for sure. It was bright and cheerful and I think it reflected so much more of the personality of our department, our staff and the students who worked there. But the walls. Y'all, the combo of white walls and fluorescent lighting kills me. I don't like feeling like I live in an igloo. I lobbied hard for the walls to be painted, but that was a no go. Until...

This past summer, a new chaplain was hired and some of the powers that be (aka the guys in Maintenance & Operations who were tired of me nagging asking them to paint the walls) decided the chapel office needed a little facelift. A warm tan color on the walls, newly painted trim, fresh ceiling tiles- a new canvas! The new paint warmed up the space so much that I knew there was no way I could go back to using the overhead lights. 

I pretty much hate overhead lighting as much as Whitney hated Olivia on "The City." 

Anyhow, I did a little reworking of what already existed and voila!

{Ok, I still want to cover the area in front of my desk. Do I continue the panels that are already there or simply cover a padded piece of plywood with plain fabric to make a solid panel? Weigh in, please!}

{free print from Jones Design Company}

I am happy every single time I walk into this space. Because of what's on the walls and the couch and the other furniture? Sure, that helps. Even better, I walk into a space where students come to laugh, nap on the couch, pray, sit for a while and chat about anything and everything. It's a space where I really really enjoy who I work with and what we do. Playing a role in creating that kind of work environment? It's the best.


  1. love that space. love you.

  2. I say solid fabric on plywood board for the front of your desk. Love the space and what you've done.

    1. That's how I'm leaning, too. Thanks, Reen!

  3. I think plywood covered would give it a nice clean look too! And I love the calendar! Great re do!

  4. How'd you make that calendar? Framed paint chips so tediously arranged? Write on it with a dry erase. How big is it? What else am I missing? I want to make one!

    1. That was a Pinterest idea! And it's been one of the most functional projects I did.

      I searched thrift stores for cheap frames with good glass and backing. Found one for about $5, it's 18x24 in. I spray painted the frame, took out the random poster inside. I cut a piece of foam board to fit and spray painted it the color I wanted.

      Grabbed some paint chips from Walmart (7 of 7 different shades) and cropped them down into squares. The layout took a little while to do. I use string to "tape off" the boundaries on the foamboard (where the frame would cover it once inside the glass) and then laid them out until the spacing was right. If I remember correctly, I lightly traced around the bottom corners of each square so I could then lift it up, put poster tape on the back and attach it to the foam board in the right spot.

      Aside from the spray painting, I finished it in an evening. Absolutely love that I just wipe it off and start over each month!


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