Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Observations From Thanksgiving

~ Apparently, it is now acceptable in our family to carve the Thanksgiving turkey mere inches from where your brother-in-law is trying to catch the mole that has been digging up his yard.

~ You can never have too many desserts, especially Emily's pumpkin cheescake. Or my sweet potato casserole. They were smack-your-momma good!

~ I've always known that my Aunt Joann made the best sweet tea ever. Ever. And bless her sweet health conscious heart, this year she made some with Splenda and then in her beautiful calligraphy, made a gorgeous label for the pitcher that read "Splendor Tea". Well, you thrown in that southern accent of hers and see how you'd say splendor.

~ Group therapy is never as good as when it's with at least twelve of your dearest and craziest southern aunts and uncles. Seriously, Dr. Phil should be worried.

~ According to my seven year old cousin Chandler, everything green should still be referred to as "Jawn Dee-awr greeain". Translated, that's "John Deere green".

~ Miracles of miracles, I wasn't asked the dreaded question this year, "Well, Lu, did you bring anyone special with you?" Nope. No one special. Just me. Maybe next year.


  1. They didn't have to ask since it was clear you already had some very special guests! Much thanks to your family for welcoming us in.

  2. Very true! Can I bring you guys with me every year to offset the question most dreaded by all singletons? So glad you could spend the day with some exotic southerners...

  3. Because of Emily, I just found your blog. I have two things to say. One has been posted under a more appropriate post (see glasses, below), the other, though, is this:

    Okay, I'm going home now.


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