Thursday, December 01, 2005

Over The Rainbow


Naoshi is Dyama's husband and as of tomorrow, father to twins. For the last nine months we have been referring to the twins as "Alien" and "Predator" due to an eerie ultrasound early in the pregnancy. Those of you who have seen ultrasound pictures at 4-5 months know what I'm talking about. Empty eye sockets are seriously frightening, hence the nicknames.

Anyway, this is Naoshi's closet. Isn't it beautiful? Since moving things around to make space for the new babies, it's gotten even more gorgeous because there is now a top and bottom rod. The top rod is reserved for all of his long sleeve shirts and the bottom for short sleeved. As you can see, they are meticulously arranged by color.

And you know what's my favorite thing to do that drives Naoshi absolutely insane? Move a couple of shirts around and put them in the wrong color. It makes DYama give that evil chuckle of hers and it never gets old. I figure I'm just preparing him for life with toddlers.


  1. LOL...that closet is SO creepy. I saw last night that he had taken it to new lengths. Just wait til Naoshi has grimy toddlers crawling across that beautiful white rug of theirs.

  2. Meticulous closets are just crying out for some disorganization! :)

  3. What's creepy? I think your creepy. How about that? By the way, since I don't hit girls, I might hit Ben if my clothes ever gets moved around again. You guys moving the shirts around is as funny as... it's not funny.

  4. Naoshi, quit hiding behind Debbie's skirts and get your own blogger identity. Bring it on buddy! Oh, and congrats on being a dad :)


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