Wednesday, August 02, 2006

When you're having a keg at your wedding...

Beer tasting. Never done it before but found it necessary last evening after supper. Jason has entrusted me with the very serious task of choosing an IPA for our wedding reception keg. Yes, you heard me correctly, keg. The best and most economical way to give beer to the thirsty masses. It does evoke a nostalgic sense of high school parties in a local field, but hopefully the wedding gown and tuxes and fabulously dressed guests will offset that. The most difficult question of the evening was how to cleanse the palate in between sipping different beers. We found that a sip of water did the task. However, if any of you beer connoisseurs out there know the real answer I'd love to know. Ah, beer tasting. In these hot and humid NC days, it was a wonderful respite from the heat.


  1. So? What was the verdict?

  2. Harpoon won out over Brooklyn and Sierra Nevada. Cheers!

  3. Stella5:05 PM

    good choice! your small group is going to love this


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