Wednesday, November 08, 2006

And the world (at least those as pop culturally as obsessed as me) rejoices!

8:51 p.m. - I receive a phone call from Debo.

"Is it true?"

"Hey! Is what true?"

"I just heard on the radio that K-Fed and Britney split up!"

"What?!? Are you serious?"

"Yes! You didn't know?"

"No, I'm out in Abilene at the farm where there's no internet! I can't believe this!"

"I thought if anyone would know if it's true, it would be you."

"You've got a computer. You go check! And call me back immediately!"

9:24 p.m. - I discover that my in-laws have recently acquired wireless out at the farm and I am reconnected once again. Which is good because Debo never called me back. But she has twins. So I'll pretty much forgive her anything these days.

And after surfing,, and, I found out that it's true! Britney may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but she finally wised up. You go girl!

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  1. Anonymous6:22 PM

    i am so excited about your visit! i first saw the news on CNN... :) funny


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