Thursday, November 02, 2006

Seriously, my friends have the cutest kids!

Here's Sasha and Alex on Halloween. Alex is only 11 months old but apparently he had no problem getting right into character.

And the two cutest pumpkins in Durham: Sam and Asher!

Lydia Welch, daughter of Stewart and Elizabeth, is getting into all sorts of trouble these days but has discovered a new friend. To quote her, "There is just something about that orange cat that gets me all giddy inside. For the past few weeks my attempts to befriend Ginger have been futile. However, she is finally warming up to the idea."

These days I'm only getting to know these wee ones through their blogs. I'm ever grateful to their parents for faithfully posting pics and even more faithfully making sure that "Lulu" is among their children's first words.

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