Thursday, September 06, 2007

Oh, the pseudo-ness of it all!

Angela and Brian gave us their old TV a while back and it's HD compatible. So, of course we immediately upgraded to HD with Dish Network. At the time we were WAY into watching the new Discovery Channel show "Planet Earth." And it's true that the HD upgrade made the show even more incredible.

One morning I came out to find Jason completely entranced by one channel. He tells me that he's been sitting on the couch watching the sunrise. That seemed a little contradictory to me, but sure enough, with our new HD channels there is one called "Sunrise Earth." Every morning for an hour this show records the sunrise from different perspectives in one particular place. It might be a farm, the jungle, the mountains...this morning it was lobstermen starting their day in New Harbor, Maine.

Now I love a good sunrise almost as much much as I love a good sunset. But it was amazingly peaceful this morning in the Petree household as Knox chewed on his bone, I did my internet routine (lots of blogs to check!) and we both enjoyed the soothing sounds of a harbor in Maine. Psuedo it may be but it certainly made my morning. I got to hear morning doves again and you don't hear many morning doves out here in Texas...the men are too busy hunting them.

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  1. Anonymous7:14 PM

    And the women out in the yard cooking them up?
    git cookin gal!


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