Thursday, November 29, 2007

Gettin' Close

Inspired by Anna's Christmas music post and Mary Grace's November bemoanings, I hit up iTunes for some new (and belovedly old) Christmas music. Here's a sampling of what I'm listening to for the next month...

Jingle Bells? Barbara Streisand
(Even as I listened to the sample I could remember being snuggled up in the living room, gazing at the tree lights, listening to this album on the record player. She puts her unique Barbara stamp on this one)

Christmas, Don't Be Late The Chipmunks
("I still waaaant a huuuula hoooop!" Makes me grin every time. Helps me remember all those Christmases at Grandmother and Grandaddy's home surrounded by a ridiculously wonderful family. )

Where Are You Christmas? Faith Hill
(Love the Grinch movie with Jim Carrey. Faith does justice to the sometimes mournful outlook that some folks have at Christmas.)

Christmas At Our House Barbara Mandrell
(We would listen to this tape over and over and over again as kids. It was Mom's constant request whenever we were doing Christmas baking.)

The Secret of Christmas Ella Fitzgerald
(Heart breakingly beautiful as only Ella could do.)

Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas Judy Garland
(The original version and the best, in my humble and correct opinion.)

The Rebel Jesus Jackson Browne
(I actually discovered this one through Bebo Norman. He does a wonderful cover on his Christmas album, but I like the original too.)

River Joni Mitchell
(I think the older I get, I become a little more reflective and bittersweet when Christmas comes around. This song captures it for me. I especially like the way this song was used in "Love Actually.")

With Bells On Dolly Parton
(Another tape that was on constant rotation in the Unger house at Christmas. Admit it, you can't resist a little Dolly! I hear this and I can instantly see my mom and aunts singing it in the Thompson's old house on Lamar Street.)

The Man With The Bag Kay Starr
(Pure fun.)

Carol of the Bells The Bird and The Bee
(A freebie on iTunes right now. I like the new take on a beautiful old tune.)

In The Bleak Mid-Winter Sarah McLachlan
(I first fell in love with this through Twila Paris' Christmas tape. But Sarah does pretty good with it too.)

Wexford Carol Cambridge Singers & John Rutter
(Stuart Nelson introduced me to the wonder that is John Rutter. The whole album is worth downloading if you have even the smallest love of choral music.)

A Christmas Together (the entire album) John Denver & The Muppets
(As a kid, I never tired of looking at the album cover. It's too hard to pick one favorite track. Do yourself (and your kids, if you have them!) a favor and just get the whole thing.)

Joy To The World Bebo Norman
(I really like the way he set a new arrangement against a bit of the familiar melody.)

Miracle David Wilcox
(I'm anxiously waiting for David to put out a Christmas disc. Until then, this will do.)

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  1. Oh, isn't "Love Actually" the best? That is definitely one of my favorite Chirstmas movies...and oh, yes, The Muppets. Anytime Animal sings, I die laughing...


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