Friday, November 30, 2007

Nothing Else Quite Like Them

My family makes me laugh. A lot. Here's just a few shots from NC Thanksgiving that made me laugh especially hard this evening.

(I can't even begin to describe how absolutely classic this last picture is. This happens routinely when two or more of the Cruise sisters are gathered together. I'm just glad I finally have photographic evidence of the sheer joy.)


  1. I can't wait for The Cruise Family Annual Holiday Dysfunction Festival! You guys are going to be able to fly home, right? RIGHT?!

  2. So unbelievably sad to say but no, we won't be home for Cruise Family Christmas. I am bummed beyond words but I just can't get the time off and the Cruddy Situation makes things a little tenuous as well. However, as God as my witness, we're not missing it next year!!!


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