Tuesday, June 17, 2008

And then I cried. Shocking, I know.

Y'all know how I love me some Broadway, right? If not, go read here and here and here.

I looooooooove Broadway. Obviously. And so, I also love the Tony Awards. Best award show of the year, in my totally humble and correct opinion. So I was more than a little dismayed when, as my father-in-law was opening his Father's Day gifts, I glanced at their TV only to see Kristin Chenoweth (the ever fabulous Glenda in "Wicked") presenting a Tony. "Oh no!" I cried, "I forgot to set the DVR to tape the Tony's!!"

Did I mention my father-in-law was opening his Father's Day gifts? Clearly, I am a loving and doting daughter-in-law, fully devoted to giving him his shining moment.

But in my thirty years on this earth, I have matured. So I swallowed, took a deep breath, came to grips with the fact that it wasn't the end of the world and proceeded to spend another hour at Dad and Cammie's.

How does this show you've matured?, you may ask. Because just two scant years ago, I would have either jumped in the car myself or made Jason go back home to start taping them immediately. Or I would have ditched the rest of the present opening and parked myself in front of the TV, frequently telling everyone to shush.

The maturing? It has happened.

I had not gotten around to actually watching the hour and a half I did manage to tape until today. And by and large this looked like a pretty slow year on old Broadway. I mean, Xanadu was nominated for Best Musical. Are you freaking kidding me? We're talking roller skates, a muse from ancient Greece, terrible 80's fashion, Olivia Newton John songs and that's Best Musical material? I don't think so.

Still, the producers did manange to get one thing right when they honored the show that in 1996 totally rocked Broadway's world. I'm talking about "Rent". And right now, I have to say a GIANT thank you to Stuart Nelson for introducing me to the music in the first place and who is probably responsible for my Broadway obsession in general.

Watch and enjoy. And imagine yourself sitting next to me as I bounce up and down, scream, clap, sing and (of course) cry tears of joy.


  1. There are no words to describe how happy I am to have found someone that loves Broadway and the Tony's as much as I do!!!!

    Also nice to hear that someone else is shocked at the nomination of "Xanadu" for Best Musical!!!!!!!!

    I jumped, screamed, cried and sang along with what has to be the most defining show of my generation..."RENT" Thank God for the movie that immortalizes the greatest cast EVER!!!!

    Till Next Year...Here's to you Broadway!

  2. You've seen the new Legally Blond musical show on MTV? I'm totally addicted even though I think the girls are all obnoxious belters. I just get sucked in by the singing, dancing (and catfights)

  3. I love rent too and have seen it lots or places, but I've always wondered. Why does the girl in the pink, furry bra and pigtails ALWAYS HAVE TO BE ASIAN. Is there a rule or something?

    Also, it should be mentioned that my parents walked out of the original Broadway production (complete with Taye Diggs) to go to McD's and have a burger. That's just sad.

  4. I have issue with your hatred of Xanadu since you have NOT SEEN either it OR the MOVIE!!!!!! You know, one could totally rag on Rent without seeing it..."Duh..a remake of La Boehme...real ORIGINAL." and you would CRINGE and beat them (as would I)...so when you go and see it OR just rent the movie...THEN you can rag on it!!!!!! Love ya, mean it!


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