Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grace and Mercy

They are good in all things, but I am asking for them during these next few days. You see, no one consulted me as to putting NaBloPoMo and our moving excursion in the same month. So, I can't really post at this point because I still have a kitchen to pack, a household to move and a dog to tote across four states. However, I will make you, faithful readers, a promise.

Even though I won't actually be posting each day, I will still write thirty posts this month.

Deal? Awesome.



  1. Hope your move continues to go well! Hang in there!!! :)

  2. wow. I'm impressed! Happy moving!

  3. Hey Leslie! We are excited about having you guys in town tomorrow night. See you then, Heather

  4. So, you mentioned the dog - singular. Girl, own up. what has happened to the other dog, and to those 12,000 cats that you managed to accrue while in Texas? Are they hanging out with ol' ding bat cat that is roaming around CH?

  5. You can do it. You inspired me and reminded me! Thanks!!! P.S. The trees are still beautiful here!


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