Friday, November 14, 2008

The Petree Moving Excursion Recap

So, I basically texted my way across the states via Twitter and Facebook. I've copied and pasted it below for your enjoyment although you'll have to start reading at the bottom and work your way up in order for it to make sense.

Also, posting this in no way means I need for you to tell me that it's dangerous to text and drive. I know. But I'm committed to being connected. Some might even call it an addiction. In any case, no shame in my game....


Ladies & Gentleman, we are in Chattanooga!! I'd like to thank Sprint, Twitter, Facebook, your prayers, texts, and encouragement for making this trip possible! from txt

Twenty-five miles left. I am so excited I have butterflies in my stomach! from txt

I forgot about steep TN mountains. And driving down them at night and driving in fog? NOT FUN. from txt

The whole trip, 1/2 of the backseat has been empty for Knox to stretch out. Only now, with 80 miles left, does he finally climb back there. from txt

Ah, Nashville. Don't worry, I'll be back to get reacquainted with you soon. from txt

Is it so white-trash that I have made this whole trip in my *very* Ugg-like slippers? In any case, it has made me now want a real pair. from txt

If I weren't so ready to get to Chatt I would totally make Jason take me to Graceland. from txt


Singing showtunes to Knox. He is unimpressed. I'm blaming it on the tranquilizer from txt

Good morning y'all! We're back on the road and Chattanooga bound. Only gave Knox 1/2 a tranq so he's chill. Shower and makeup has done wonders for me. ... from txt

We've traveled 511 miles and I still have a quarter of a tank left. I love my Honda Accord. from txt

The full moon is a steady and reassuring companion on this highway... from txt

Passing by the birthplace of Bill Clinton. Hmmmmm...should we stop? Nah. from txt

Well, Texas, thanks for your hospitality. You'll always have a place in my heart... Hello, Arkansas! Thanks for putting us up for the night. from txt

Trees. That are tall. And have leaves of changing colors. I had forgotten they even existed. from txt

But the hubs is a total stud for driving it AND towing his car behind it. Any ideas for his trucker handle? from txt

Driving across multiple states takes considerably longer when you're following a 24 ft truck that holds all our worldly goods. from txt

Going through the Big D and I *do* mean Dallas. from txt

We've stopped for lunch. Knox is weaving as he walks. More unsteady than a trashed freshman at Frat Court. from txt

Finally on the road. No shower. No makeup. Dog properly drugged. We're on our way! from txt

Although, to clarify, they look kind of like Uggs. So maybe I can pull it off. from txt

Totally at Starbucks in my slippers. It's just that kind of morning, y'all. from txt

Please pray for us today. Jason and I are tired and stressed and literally have many miles before we sleep tonight. from txt

Oh my lord, it is way too early. Must have caffeine. Starbucks, be prepared. from txt

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!!!!! I can't believe you are there! You must call when you can and give me the deets on the house!!! I miss you already!


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