Monday, January 26, 2009

And they shall rise up and call her hair blessed.

I have never been more grateful to live less than two hours from a city called Woodstock. Last night was sooooo much fun and I'm still thinking through all the things I heard from the front and how God used them to speak to my heart. I suppose it goes without saying that anytime Beth Moore is involved? Oh, it's gonna be a good word from the Lord.

I met up with Becca (who is AWESOME, thanks for being my concert pal!) and we did, in fact, hit up The Sonic for some cherry flavored concoctions. Which was good because as she predicted, I was definitely parched at the end of all that worship. Prophetic about The Sonic drinks, not a bad quality to have in a friend.

We arrived at the church (which was HUGE) a full hour before things were set to start and it was already pretty packed. Still, we managed to score some seats pretty close to the front.

Travis came out to say a few words before the taping began. And even though it was being recorded and there was the risk of it all feeling a bit staged, it did not come across that way at all. Conceptually, they did an incredible job of setting the scene in such a way that it fully prepared me for worship.

There was a ginormous choir to back up Travis, the band and the four other singers. UH. MAY. ZING.

And let's just talk about Beth for a moment. She spoke on worship, a narrative of sorts that was woven throughout the worship songs. She spoke with passion, the kind you can't fake, the kind that is a tell tale sign of someone who has allowed Jesus to work in their lives in deep and powerful ways.

And she has really good hair. Amy Beth, these pics are for you...

So all in all, it was a great show. Travis rocked it out. He rocked it out hard.

Since it was a live recording, technical glitches were a possibility and to be expected. After we all sang "Jesus Saves" (and oh my word, did we ever give a handclap of praise to God after that one! AB, that's for you too *wink*) the producer let us know that Travis would have to sing it again due to a computer glitch. Well, if he had to...In the meantime, as they fixed the glitch Travis suggested a quick version of "Shackles". Let's just say it was good thing the prego woman and her husband who were sitting next to me had left by then because we were all ready to shake our groove thang.

Then it was "Jesus Saves" one more time, a beautiful benediction from Travis and it was all done. Well, almost...

Becca had spotted Sophie and Melanie (aka The Mamas- Boo and Big) in the front row. What else was there to do but head to the front and say hello? So we did. Sophie was sporting some seriously fantastic highlights and Melanie was even more gorgeous in person. And she was wearing an polka dot trench that Becca and I agreed was truly spectacular. I did not get a picture because, honestly? It would have been weird. I was quite happy to simply see Sophie again and meet Melanie.

Worship by Travis, a good word from Beth, meeting two of my blogging heroes.

Nothing more needed.


  1. amen and amen :-)
    thanks for coming with me - it was fun!!

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  3. What an awesome concert!!! I would have loved to have been there. Isn't Beth amazing? I just love to hear her speak. I'm starting her new study on Esther Tuesday night. Travis is incredible too. Don't you just love the song "Shackles"? I crank it up really loud in the car!!! Thanks for sharing your great pictures of the concert. Can't wait for the CD to come out.
    Love & blessings!

  4. I would have indeed given a hand clap of praise for Beth's hair, even though I will never, EVER use that phrase in real life ever, ever again, AMEN.


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