Wednesday, February 25, 2009

And I bet she didn't have to take her shoes off either...

You may remember that my sister, Allie, recently completed a deployment to Afghanistan over Christmas. She took her new video camera with her and created the following. Please to enjoy...

{Allie returned this camera after her return because it's filming quality was less than desirable. You may want to hit pause now and then to fully catch each sign. Playing it in full screen helps also. Just a suggestion.}

The Top Ten Reasons To Fly Military Instead of Civilian

Back me up, you totally wish you had been there on that deployment with her, right? Trust me, after twenty-seven years of being her sister, one thing I know for sure is that everything is more fun with Allie around. Including trips to the beach.
Annnnnd, here's hoping Afro Fabulous is going to make a repeat appearance at The 3rd (dare I say?) Annual Cousins Trip. Oh yes, oh yes, the house is being booked, the recipes are being prepared and the all-important question of bucket o' margaritas or bucket o' cosmopolitans is being pondered. If you're around Holden Beach, NC on May 14-17, watch out...the estrogen will be large and in charge!


  1. I can't believe you pulled that picture back out! It's not my fault that I can rock that hair style! And I can't wait for this year's trip - I have a few surprises in store...
    But as far as people wanting to be on that deployment with me - I could only have guaranteed you being yelled at more than once a day (but you do get to yell back), having things thrown at you, less than mediocre food, smelling like dirt (as well as looking like you woke up every day and rolled in it), and some form of frostbite.
    woo hoo!

  2. that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Allie ROCKS!!!! The sunglasses? Totally mine. Except Allie rocked 'em way better than I ever could. Those shades were MADE for the 'fro.

  4. We used to go to Holden Beach when we were first married. We had friends that had a place there. Aren't cousin's trips fun? I did one last year with my cousins and we had so much fun! Love & blessings from NC!

  5. I sooooooooooooo wish I was going to be at Holden during that week. (Or any week in the near future for that matter!) Have fun girl!


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