Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The look on Jason's face told me I made the right choice...

So, Lent is upon us. I hadn't really given it a thought until MG reminded me with her Lenten passion. And then Gayle over at The Westie Crew posted this brave choice.

And it rang true in my heart, y'all.

You see, if you've been reading this here bloggy for the last, oh, two days, you have probably noticed my slight preoccupation with all things pop culture. And in light of things being fairly challenging in my day to day personal life, the pop culture bits and pieces are an easy topic behind which to hide. Things like Facebook, Twitter, people.com (and any other online pop culture obsessed mag) are easy places for me to run and seek solace. However, the solace they offer is empty and has left me feeling terribly unsatisfied as of late. Restless, even.

So, Lent is upon me. I am not one who, in the past, has committed to fasting from a particular habit during this season. This time around...it just feels right.

From Wednesday, February 25th to Sunday, April 12th I will be fasting from those very things I listed above. To be specific (and for accountability purposes), they are:
- Facebook
- Twitter
- People.com, UsMagazine.com, etc...

I am not fasting from my blog. This is a healthy outlet for me and I am interested to see what posts will arise from this particular fast. The point of a Lenten fast, after all, is to bring my attention to God instead of those things (dare I say idols?) that draw my attention and heart away from Him.

This will not be easy. Oh no, this will be gutwrenchingly hard. In fact, on the way home from my horrendous day (more about that later) my brain tried every rationalization as to why I shouldn't give up Facebook and Twitter. These are things that connect me with people I know, after all. Shouldn't I keep those connections? Well, yes. But I can do that just as easily through email, phone or (gasp!) a handwritten note. So, out they go...

This should be interesting. This should be challenging. This should make me read more, pray more, write more, dream more. And more than just those things, I am eagerly anticipating that this journey will refresh and invigorate my heart, mind and soul.


  1. You GO, woman. I hear you on the restlessness and uncomfortable-making aspects of being on the computer too much (I once heard it termed screen sucking, and I think that's apt). I'm glad you'll still be writing.

  2. Sarah Chestnut8:08 AM

    Hey Leslie! Beautiful post! I am giving up buying clothes for Caroline, which will be very hard for me, but I am looking forward to praying every time I think about buying little girls' clothes. She will need new church shoes soon, but that's only because her little feet still grow so fast, but Scott said he would buy those so it doesn't really "count!" I am glad to be going along on this Lenten journey with you.


  3. Yeah!!! Hop on over to my blog - I have a feeling we'll be needing each other's sweet blogs to keep us humored as we give up our stuff. I can tell already that I will be on my knees (hopefully not looking for cookies in the pantry).. Love your blog! EW

  4. Get it girl. Seriously, that's so great! I will be praying that the Lord uses your obedience to teach you more about who He is!

  5. What a courageous post--I am praying for God's strength for you and I pray that this will be a fruitful time as you spend it doing other things.


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