Monday, March 16, 2009

Today, it's his day...

Today is a grand day. Today is the day my beloved hubs celebrates his birthday, his 32nd to be exact. Life with him has certainly not been dull and I wouldn't trade a second of it for anything. And just in case you don't believe me...

Thirty-Two Delights Of Being Married To Jason Petree
1.) His willingness to act like a complete and utter fool to make me laugh.
2.) He always takes the dishes to the kitchen after we eat.
3.) His love of cleanliness and order has made me a better person. Seriously, ask my former roommates.
4.) He pleasantly takes the trash out, a chore I despise.
5.) He is patient beyond all reason.
6.) His uncanny ability to look in our fridge, freezer and pantry, take whatever is there and create an unbelievably good meal.
7.) He is as passionate about Tennessee Volunteer football as I am about UNC basketball. Actually, more so.
8.) Along those same lines, he can come up with a really great dog name. Knox Hill is forever grateful.
9.) He is an amazing uncle and would do anything for his nieces and nephews. This includes but is not limited to his incredible gorilla impression.
10.) He can drive a tractor like nobody's business.
11.) He sense of style is pretty dang near flawless.
12.) He looks really good in a pair of jeans. I'm just sayin', is all!
13.) His joy in buying new lawn care equipment.
14.) He makes a really great quiche. From scratch.
15.) He understands the importance of making the bed every morning.
16.) His willingness to be Alpha male to our freckle-faced monster.
17.) The man can fix anything. From rearview mirrors to wiring to plumbing to fencing, he can do it all.
18.) He appreciates a good chick flick. But only the truly good ones, not the silly fluff.
19.) Per #18, he can pretty much recite "Sweet Home Alabama" line for line.
20.) He understands the value of journaling.
21.) His ability to comfort others in the midst of sadness.
22.) His incredible work ethic that values excellence in all things.
23.) He loves Jesus with all his heart and pursues him daily.
24.) He alphabetizes our DVD and VHS collections, which makes finding a movie so much easier.
25.) He is a really good friend and would drop everything if one of them was in need.
26.) He can design a really fantastic t-shirt.
27.) He looks unbelievably hot when he wears the color blue.
28.) He can build a piece of furniture to the exact specifications of what you need and want.
29.) He always opens the car door for me. Always has from the very first time he came to NC.
30.) He is an amazing roadtrip partner and can drive for hours without needing a break.
31.) He is a really good dancer and isn't afraid to lead.
32.) With one Cheerwine slushie and a two hour poolside chat, he captured my heart...

Happy Birthday, My Love!


  1. Well- that's very strange- it sounds like we're married to the same man -except mine loves anyone who plays against UT in football. The cleanliness thing and the chick-flick thing are right on though. Hope all is well!

  2. Oh man I'm impressed with your 32 . . . remember how I could only do 3? :-) haha

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JASON!!! We almost have the same birthday. Mine was March 15th! Thanks for the sweet birthday wishes. Your husband sounds like a real jewel, so I would say that he is a keeper! What an awesome post about him. He sounds like an amazing guy!
    Love & blessings from NC!

  4. Anonymous6:37 PM

    Except for # 27 I can tell all these things are entirely and completely said with passion and love. But come on Lesie would think just about ANYONE would look hot in BLUE!;-))

  5. Great list.

    Happy Birthday to your dh and happy St Patrick's Day from N Ireland.


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