Monday, April 09, 2012

All Things New

There's something about Spring and Easter that, to me, feels like the best time to start new. In January, when it's still grey and cold and dreary, there's nothing inspiring about that. But Spring, with it's sunshine and warm breezes and God constantly showing off his creation...well, that inspires me to start something new.

So, Jason and I are both considering new goals and refinements to make to ourselves, to our marriage, to this new space we live in. And in this new house where everything feels light and bright and new, it makes even the most challenging changes easier to consider. 


When we moved in to this house, I was beside myself to discover the dogwood tree in the front yard. Being a Carolina girl, it seemed to good to be true to have the NC state flower right outside my front door. Even better? When the little buds blossomed and revealed bright pink blooms.

The front yard of my grandparent's house had a few dogwood trees and there are several pictures from my childhood where I'm posing in my Easter finest in front of those trees.

I was hoping the blooms would stick around until Easter for our own picture, but they blew away early last week. Even so, as I embrace this new mantra of love, create, nurture; as I strive to carry on the best of my grandmother and her daughters' gifts and traditions; as I discover new gifts and create new traditions, my heart bursts with joy to have this picture, just as it is. 

Happy Easter, y'all!

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  1. I love the dress, the dogwood, the energy and the goals!


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