Friday, October 12, 2012

So these things happened today...

First, autocorrect on my phone decided it wanted to show off just how well it knows me. 

{Sidenote: Sometimes I don't know a student's name so I have to write down other characteristics that will help me identify their photo later. It's weird, but it works.} 


In a moment of idiocy late Wednesday night, I decided to see what my engagement ring looked like on my right hand. Note to self: when the ring doesn't go on easily, YOU STOP TRYING TO GET THE RING ON YOUR FINGER. 

After trying almost every trick I could find via Google (except one that I just couldn't bring myself to do) and my finger swelling by the minute, the only option was left was to have an experienced jeweler cut it off. Props to my friend Ruth for a.) assisting me with all the various tricks I tried, b.) laughing at/with me as I cried over how sad and ridiculous was my predicament, and c.) pointing me to a reputable jeweler.

Absolutely breaks my heart still, but it will be back together and good as new by Tuesday. Very painful lesson to learn...


After I got home from work, I was doing a little tidying up around the house when I heard Knox's nails scratch across the hardword floor and saw the storm door fly open. Turns out that a storm door  which doesn't quite latch on its own and stray cats wandering within Knox's line of sight is the perfect combo for him to practice his fifty yard dash. No lie, that dog was out the door, across the street, and up a tree in four seconds flat! 

I watched in amazement as he climbed the tree in our neighbor's yard trying to get to that cat. He perched there for a moment but when he realized just how high he was he jumped back down. The neighbors saw it too and came out howling with laughter. 

Once I got Knox back to our house, I went back over to chat and ended up coming home with two pounds of smoked barbecue, a bagful of fresh peppers from their back yard, a recipe for apple spice cake, and an invitation to come back over and learn some impressive cake decorating methods.

Retired neighbors are the best.


We ended the night with a spontaneous double date with Jordan and Lindsay.

 {October Photo a Day, 12  - Outstanding menu on the table}

While I do have some suggestions for them in terms of ambiance (spring for real candles, guys, the battery powered tea lights are lame), I can heartily recommend the food and beer!

Delicious dinner, excellent company and two hilarious episodes of "Modern Family" was pretty much the perfect way to end this eventful day.

 To make the end of the day even sweeter, I'm looking at the start of a three day weekend. Hooray!

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  1. Bad boy, Knox! (But, made me laugh..) I remember when we had retired neighbors like that when we lived in Virginia and you were one year old. Ahhh, sweet memories.


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